Say Yes to the Duke

There were parts of this that worked for me and parts that didn’t. I really enjoyed the banter between Viola and Devin. They had some very sweet moments and some very hot moments. While Viola’s character seemed fully formed – although her anxiety does seem to just disappear at some point in the book – I felt like we were pieces missing from Devin.

In Bed with the Earl

In Bed with the Earl features a bad-ass heroine who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants and a surly hero who’d rather brood and spend time in his sewers than face his past and “take his place” in society. They fight, they kiss, they fight some more…and then some more, and then they fall in love!

The Prince of Broadway

The Prince of Broadway is the kind of revenge plot I can get behind. Clay is honest about his intentions towards Florence’s father – and her – from the start. Does he tell her everything? NO. But to be fair…he tells her that too. I loved Florence’s independence, self-assurance, and ambition.

A Daring Arrangement: The Four Hundred Series

I absolutely adore a fake-engagement/relationship-turned-real-thing romance! And Julius and Nora’s does not disappoint. Julius has the reputation of hedonist, but is actually extremely hard-working and responsible (without being overly ruthless) while Nora is adventurous, smart and a bit impulsive. The secondary characters were wonderful as well! I loved Frank Tripp (and was SO excited to […]