Monster Mashin’: 2022 Monster & Horror Romances

Here at Happily Ever After or Bust, part of our mission is to spread the Monster Fucker gospel. The unholy word states that the best monsters are the fucking kind. Find truth and inspiration in these recently(ish) released and upcoming 2022 Monster Romances. Peruse the entire list or view by release dates and join us as a true believer. 😈

Looking for even more delicious monstrous fuckery? Check out last year’s Monster Mashin’ roundup and this non-human book release calendar from Meg (@opalescent4026).

May – July Releases

Stalked by Desire cover art

Stalked by Desire: Supernatural Horror Erotica

Author: Rianne Burnett
Release Date: 5/27/22

Eliana is tired of losing at love so her friend convinces her that a love spell is exactly what she needs. Though she throws in a couple of tweaks, she’s sure it won’t cause that much trouble. That’s until all sorts of creatures start to come into her life with one thing on their minds – satisfying her desires.

It starts off well, especially after she meets Rose but a bloodthirsty demon might just derail everything she had her heart set on. Then again, maybe the love spell did exactly what it was supposed to and matched her to the monster she truly deserves.

Content warning: This story contains blood, gore, death, breath play, blood play, and dubious consent.

Ill-Fated Mate: A Steamy Monster Romance

Author: Jordan Monroe
Release Date: 6/14/22

A cursed god…

Cursed to remain locked in his mountain hold until his soul’s mate frees him, Zcerneboch, God of Ill Fate, has forsaken all hope of ever finding that soul. After waiting for 2,500 years, he believes he has finally found her. Unfortunately, he can’t convince her their souls are bound without leaving the mountain prison.

A skeptical mortal…

When folklore student Diana Antonov finds her name carved in strange runes on a German mountainside, she has to investigate them. She never dreamed she’d find an eight-foot tall, winged creature with golden eyes declaring that not only is he a god, but she is his eternal soulmate. She should run, but the chance to discover the truth behind the myth is too enticing.

An impossible task…

To break the curse, he must persuade Diana to open her soul to him, but the more he learns about her, the more he finds himself falling under her spell. And this woman deserves so much more than a monster…

Author’s Note: Please check the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs. This book is part of the multiauthor series, Uncanny Case Files.

Found by the Lake Monster: A Love Bathhouse Monster Romance

Author: Lillian Lark
Release Date: 6/17/22

A lake monster in heat, a lost human in the woods, and the lie that gets her stuffed…

Getting lost in the woods was not the adventure Amy had in mind when she jumped at the chance to search for the local lake monster. She just wanted to liven up her steady but boring life, not wonder if every shadow on the ground is a snake and worry that no one will ever find her.

Luckily, someone does find her.
Unexpectedly, that person isn’t human.
Wildly, he seems to think that she’s his date.

Adrian faces what could be his last heat. As his temperature rises and his biological clock ticks, his only hope is that the witch being sent by a famous matchmaker will be as compatible as he dreams.

Can he convince his date to not only provide relief during his heat but also carry his eggs?

Found by the Lake Monster takes place in the same world as Stalked by the Kraken and includes breeding, knotting, and oviposition.

Titan: A Gargoyle Daddy Dom Romance

Author: Jillian Graves
Release Date: 6/20/22

Living, breathing gargoyles shouldn’t exist. Julianna should be running for the door. But the way he looks at her… and touches her… awakens new desires.

When former child star Julianna Novak loses everything to her shady managers, she’ll do whatever it takes to win her independence back, even if it means rushing to find a new sugar daddy. When Titan, a wealthy businessman, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she soon realizes he may not be what he seems. His curved horns, massive wings, and ribbed prehensile tail are, however, more than she ever bargained for.

Leader of the last surviving gargoyles, Titan knows what desperation looks like, and he recognizes it in Julianna. The heavy weight she carries is one he’s able to bear—and one he finds he wants to.

Julianna needs a Daddy, and Titan is ready to be the firm hand—and more—she needs.

When his missing supernatural artifact and her financial troubles unexpectedly align, Titan and Julianna find that a single night together won’t be enough. Confronted by old enemies, the diverging paths they once followed may no longer be the destiny their hearts desire.

Important Note: Please check author’s website for full description and CWs.

Little Wings of Fate (Creature Cafe Series Book 9)

Author: Clio Evans
Release Date: 6/21/22

Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love, including the fanged fallen angel Gabriel.

Gabriel is looking for another mate for his Cam. After all of the terrible things they have been through, he is willing to finally let a human into his life — even though they are definitely not for him, and certainly just for Cam.

The Barista has the perfect person in mind— his tattoo artist, Seth.

Gabe, Cam, and Seth have all walked alone in their lives up until meeting each other. Between curses and broken wings, the three of them find comfort in the arms of desire.

The walls of trust can be built, but will they be strong enough to keep their lives from crumbling when Lucifer returns?

This novella has the following:

  • Hot MONSTER Scenes
  • MMM
  • Fated Mates Love
  • BDSM
  • Fanged anatomy
  • And more 😉

The Creature Cafe Series follows the Barista and who he matchmakes. Each book will have a different monster finding their true love, tons of spicy scenes, and special *ahem* appendages. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster related shenanigans.

Inextricably Tied: A Monster Romantic Suspense (Lost Touch Duet Book 2)

Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: 7/08/22

Harbinger is reckless.

It only makes sense that she keeps the world at arm’s length. No one to answer to. No one to lose. No one to touch her banshee skin and become connected forever.

It’s a system that works — even if it means keeping her partner, Flint, from getting any closer to her.

Flint is restrained.

As Harbinger’s bodyguard, he has to be — until pulling her behind his gargoyle armor accidentally links them. Now Harbinger’s privy to the romantic feelings he’s denied himself for years…

And Flint’s no longer the only one connected to her.

Agony is unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

A night terror extracted from a serial killer, Agony doesn’t care who he hurts — and Flint and Harbinger look like perfect targets.

Forced together by circumstance, the three search for the remains of the murderer’s victims…and try to keep from killing each other in the process.

But as the mystery comes into focus, the lines between the three of them begin to blur. What started as begrudging partnership becomes as intertwined as their bodies in the dark.

The bond between Flint and Harbinger is fraying — but Agony isn’t the only one to blame. Not when Flint and Harbinger have painful histories they’ve spent their whole lives running from.

Every step toward uncovering the truth proves that the only way to untangle these complicated webs is to unravel them…and each other.

Warning: This 95k novel is an M/M/F romance between a gargoyle, a night terror, and a banshee. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content advisories are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

**The first book in this duet, Skin, is included in the paperback version of Inextricably Tied!**

Read the first book in Aveda Vice’s Lost Touch Duet.

Key To The Dark: A Monster Romance

Author: Alexa Michaels
Release Date: 7/08/22

A creature of darkness saved me…and he isn’t letting me go.

I was offered my first solo project. It was a chance too good to be true. That should have been my first clue. Go to an island on the Gulf Coast, dismantle and catalogue a beautiful cathedral, and catch some sunshine on the sandy shore as a bonus. What could go wrong?

It started with an attack from a monstrous beast the first night on the beach. When a dangerous man leapt from the night to defend me, I was tempted to think fondly of my unexpected champion. But I quickly realized the mysterious, brooding figure wants to stop my work. He was one of the obstacles to completing this project!

Not only was he hiding things from me, I was convinced he wants to make my life a living hell.

My terrible savior was just as brutal as the creature he fought off, damaged in ways I’ll never understand. And yet, the more time we were forced to spend together, the more I caught glimpses of kindness beneath his brutal exterior.

His touch sparked an unexpected passion, tempting me to throw caution to the wind…

Until I discovered the real reason he’s helping me.

Will we be able to work together peacefully, or has dmy time on Jekyll Island been doomed before it even began?

A steamy, gothic tale, this stand-alone monster romance raises the question: what truly lurks in the shadows?

If you like tragic, angsty heroes, smart, strong, and sassy leading-ladies, and an enemies-to-loves romance, then grab a copy and snuggle up with Key To The Dark today!

**This paranormal monster romance is chronologically the first in the Monsters In Moonlight series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

***Author’s note: this book may not be suitable for everyone in terms of content, language, and passionate happily ever afters!

Run, Run Rabbit (Cambric Creek After Darkverse Book 1)

Author: C.M. Nascosta
Release Date: 7/21/22

When Vanessa attends an exclusive Lupercalia celebration just outside of Cambric Creek, she knows exactly what to expect. She’s been to these parties before, after all. The whole town knows what goes on at the invitation-only werewolf soirées, and every last one of them is eager for an invite.

The Lupercalia festivities are an ancient rite of fertility and carnality, of sex and sweat and celebration, and she knows one of the wolves will have her before the night is done. One of them will have her, but only one wolf will do . . . the one she’s been leading in chase for years. One wolf, one knot, one set of teeth at her back . . . but he’ll have to catch her first.

Run, Run Rabbit is a part of the Cambric Creek After Darkverse and can be enjoyed as a standalone. Content includes: primal play, power play, public sex, voyeurism, inappropriate workplace romance. Full content advisory will be available on author’s website at the time of release

The Shrike: A Short Erotic Monster Romance

Author: Meg Wood
Release Date: 7/24/22

Robin Merriweather has had enough. After fleeing her abusive ex-husband, she is determined to make a clean start. Staying the weekend in her sister’s remote woodland cabin, Robin’s only company is the vast forest and cable TV. But when an injured bird turns out to be a handsome young stranger, Robin finds herself confronting her ability to love and trust.

This is a monster romance book with explicit content.

Rare Temptations: A Dragon Shifter Sapphic Romance

Author: M.L. Eaden
Release Date: 7/25/22

A Mythical Desires Universe Novella

When a very curious fire dragon approaches a demi-goddess for a job in her BDSM club, a subtle chemistry only a dragon can sense leads to a surprising attraction for both of them. As the resort’s summer season ends, they each have to sort through their feelings for the other and decide if this was a fling or something more.

Rare Temptations is a spicy dragon shifter romance. The Mythical Desires Universe is a queer-centric world where myth and legends exist alongside advanced science and technology.

Content Warnings can be found in the front matter or at

With a Vengeance

Author: Freydís Moon
Release Date: 7/28/22

Kye Lovato left their hometown in search of a better future, but when their estranged mother passes away, they return to their parish to settle her affairs. Even though Kye escaped their traumatic past, being back in swampy Madison, Louisiana only worsens their debilitating depression, increases their dissociative episodes, and intensifies the intrusive voice plaguing their every thought.

The moment Kye steps foot into their childhood home, they know something is wrong. That night, they come face to face with the shadowy presence driving them mad: the handsome demon duke, Eli, who offers them an irresistible deal. In exchange for their soul, Eli will give them pain, pleasure, and power.

Kye set a path for themself—live fast, die young—and Eli seems like the perfect exit route. With nothing to lose, they agree.

But after an impromptu visit from a local ICE agent, Kye forms an unlikely friendship with their mother’s bookkeeper and stumbles into an insidious mystery surrounding their family’s homegrown alebrije business. Met with ghosts, displaced employees, and a garage filled with unfinished artwork, Kye can’t help but wonder. . . What was their mother hiding? And why is a rogue officer interested in Lovato Alebrijes?

Kye is possessed, unkempt, and chasing death, but as stubborn as they are, they’re the only person left alive who can resurrect the family business and carry the Lovato legacy, and their only ally is the demon possessing them.

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August Releases

How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster)

Author: Marie Cardno
Release Date: 8/01/22

Life is tough when you’re an eldritch abomination.

Trillin isn’t technically a person. She’s a tiny breakaway piece of consciousness from the all-devouring Endless, doomed to eventually rejoin it. But when a human witch stumbles into her world, Trillin suddenly has a new reason to figure out individuality-one shape-shifting tentacle at a time.

Sian is sure important magical discoveries are just around the corner, if she can just get her portals to work reliably. Reaching the dimension of the Endless without being eaten on sight is a dream come true, and Sian is determined to explore every bit of it. For science, of course, not for the strangely adorable life-form who keeps popping up and trying to… flirt?

But Trillin’s world can be a dangerous place, and keeping Sian safe might risk drawing the attention of the Endless itself-which will swallow Trillin up along with all her dreams of humanity. Together, can this unlikely duo escape the Endless, figure out the optimum number of appendages, and maybe even find love?

How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster) is a sweet F/F romance between a witch scientist and a shape-shifting Cthulhu monster. HEA guaranteed!

Love Bites, Vol 1

Author: Cat Giraldo
Release Date: 8/03/22

Some monsters do more than go bump in the night.

A six-story bundle absolutely stuffed with romantic monsterotica and steamy BDSM that’s totally enthusiastic and never that dark.

Ride or Die: FFM Werewolf Motorcycle Club Rivalry
Flight or fight instinct demands that I writhe, fight back, do something—anything—but I am one wrong move away from my face painting the side of the abandoned highway.
I am at the mercy of a blood-feud that even my great-great-great-grandparents do not remember life without. Of a mature werewolf of few words—all of them gruff—nights before the blood moon for which the most notorious pack in the state is known.

And I am a gift for his Alpha. His queen. My lifelong rival. Whether I can take them both–in so many more ways than one–should be the last thing on my mind.

Shipwrecked with the Sea Witch’s Mermaids: FFFFM Pirate Sex Contract
Another scream, another breaking wave, another lung full of salty water. I splutter to the surface, clinging to splintered wood as my fingers begin to bleed, and my bruised limbs are battered by the tide. I tell myself not to scream. We’re too far from shore. Too isolated.

In six years aboard pirate ships, I heard plenty of stories about the beauties beneath the waves to know not to accept the lifeline the mermaid trio offers me.

Once I’ve seen them, it isn’t fear of death that makes me nod.

Bite and Seek: MF Vampire Hide and Seek
Littles shriek and scatter. Vampires laugh and gather around the circle of shot glasses glowing crimson in the moonlight. The countdown strikes zero, and we raise our glasses with a discordant howl that will drive every werewolf in a ten-mile-radius to the brink of a frustrated shift.

Bloodwine drips down my chin as I drop my shot glass and sprint into the cemetery. The loam sinks beneath my boots. Each stride opens more, stretching my muscles and reminding me how good it feels to run among my kind where I never have to hold back.

The smell of sweat and sweets, the sound of poorly muffled giggles and racing heartbeats—I am in vampire heaven.

kINKed: MM Centaur Tattoo Parlor
I speak softly, but don’t dare mumble, no matter how my stomach twists with the nerves of being back in the centaur-owned tattoo parlor and the anxiety that led me through its doors. I hurry toward the chair I know all too well, not daring to pause beside Kyro’s hulking body. I stand with my head bowed and my hands splayed and listen for the tell-tale click of hooves circling me.

The only thing Kyro enjoys more than watching me fail is watching me struggle. He sees me in ways others don’t; he understands that this is why I’m really here.

Cat Got Your Tongue: FF Fae Black Light Party
I weave between sweaty bodies. Naked inhabitants, eyes glazed with lust and pupils dilated by Ambrosia, dance, and crawl, and make exquisite use of any and all toys tossed inside. But I do not pause to watch any of them.

The main event waits at the far end of the club—long tables topped with individual crates nestle in the shadow of the wall.

I almost lose hope, passing the empty cages, but my breath catches when I finally stop at hers.

Paging the Minotaur: FFFM Minotaur Medical Play
“Ooops,” Phae says, entirely deadpan. Of course, the troublemaker who instigated all of this is the only one of us keeping a straight face. Even when she stares our superior straight in the eye and points at the stain spreading on his massive white coat. “Looks like you’ve made a bit of a mess there on your scrubs, Doctor.”

These are short standalones that may be read in any order, with no connection or spoilers for the others, with an implied HFN for all characters. Content notes for each story are in front matter and on the author’s website; all stories contain RACK with no noncon and no conception, reproduction, etc.

Of Grave & Glory

Author: Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Release Date: 8/16/22

Emma Mather is having trouble telling friend from foe…and being wrong about whether someone is her ally or her enemy could cost her more than just her life.
The Candle has taken Gigi Gage as their prisoner, and Emma will do anything to save her friend from whatever torture Dr. Thaddeus Kirkbride is putting her through in the Arnsmouth Asylum. But even if Emma—and her trusty fire poker—can manage to free Gigi, she’ll have to avoid the clutches of the Idol, as well.

To say nothing about the Church or the man she loves, who is incrementally losing himself to the eldritch horror taking over his body.

Nowhere is safe. No one is safe. Not Gigi, not Rafe, and certainly not Emma herself.

Between the Dark Societies and the Church on the one hand and her increasingly complicated love life on the other, Emma finds herself surrounded by shadows at every turn. And she’ll be lucky if all that happens is that she gets eaten alive by Rafe and his new friends.

Because the other options might end the world.

And the clock is ticking.

“Of Grave & Glory” is the last installment in Tenebris: An Occult Romance.

Please Note: This series is an occult horror love story, with strong themes of madness and murder. I do promise it will ultimately have a happy ending. Also…there will be tentacles.

Check out the first 2 books in Kathryn Ann Kingsley’s Tenebris: An Occult Romance series.

Moon Blooded Breeding Clinic

Author: C.M. Nascosta
Release Date: 8/27/22

Lowell Hemming is stuck.
Grounded from his job as a photographer, this globe-trotting werewolf is pulling his hair out being back in his small hometown, with no end to the current situation in sight. The first Hemming to leave Cambric Creek in several generations, he’s feeling the pressure from his mother to move back home permanently, is chafed by his inescapable family name, and hasn’t gotten laid in months. When he picks up an intriguingly-worded flyer, he hopes that his boredom is about to come to an end.

For the first time in her life, Moriah has an open door of possibility before her. Recently divorced, she owns her own home, her interior design business is thriving, and she’s free to do what she’s always wanted — travel the world. There’s only one thing holding her back — the desire to have a child. After trying for years, to the erosion of her marriage, she ready to put her dreams of travel aside and take drastic measures to get the one thing her heart desires above all else.

Moon Blooded Breeding Clinic offers a unique service — trigger a heat, and breed with a werewolf in a controlled setting, right before the full moon. Their success rates are higher than multi-species IVF, cheaper than adoption, and more enjoyable than most trips to a clinic.

When Moriah picks a handsome, dark-haired werewolf out of a catalog, it seems as easy as buying a pair of shoes. She doesn’t count on liking him. He’s funny, he’s sexy, and once she takes his knot, Moriah isn’t sure if she’ll ever be able to see their relationship as a transaction.

When Lowell gets the call that he’s been chosen by a clinic patient, all he’s looking forward to is scratching a physical itch and possibly unlocking a new medical kink. Catching feelings is not part of the contract. But when he meets the gorgeous little redhead who’s picked him, walking away from her after he’s fulfilled his end of the contract is harder than he thought.
Hard to think of leaving . . . and it’s not the only thing she makes hard.

Moon Blooded Breeding Clinic human/monster romance novel, featuring high heat with a lot of heart, and a guaranteed HEA. It is the third book in the Cambric Creek Monster Romance series and can be read as a standalone. CWs will be available on the author’s website.

Surrendering to Scylla

Author: Wren K Morris
Release Date: 8/27/22

She was a sea monster who thrived on vengeance, until one soft-hearted sailor ruined it all.

Scylla was a free-spirited nymph until she caught the eye of a sea god and a jilted goddess transformed her into a sea monster. She swore to take her vengeance from any male who sailed too close to her cliff, but a captive with a heart of gold ruins her plans.

She can’t kill him, and worse than that, she’s attracted to him.

Ophelos has been at the mercy of others his entire life. When a god leads his ship and crew to ruin, he awakens to find himself in the clutches of Scylla. She’s terrifying and powerful, but she’s also…more.

He finds himself empathizing with her. Understanding her. Falling for her.

As two broken beings try to find solace in each other, they must let go of their pasts to move forward. If that wasn’t enough, the gods aren’t done meddling in their lives, and Scylla and Ophelos must challenge the very deities that cursed them in the first place to survive.

Surrendering to Scylla is a stand-alone romance novel in a shared universe. It has no cliffhanger and ends in a HEA. A full list of tropes and content notes are available on the author’s website.

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September Releases

Once Upon a Forbidden Desire: Fairy Tales and Other Stories

Author: Various Authors
Release Date: 9/13/22

When it comes to true love, rules are meant to be broken …

Dark forests and locked doors, poisoned apples and forbidden lovers … Bold heroines and swoon-worthy heroes break all the rules in this enchanting anthology of the fairy tales you thought you knew.

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire features 20 enticing fairy tale retellings by a diverse selection of fantasy romance authors. From sweet true love’s kisses to sizzling passion, from modern streets to enchanted forests, and from a mage Rapunzel to a winged Prince Charming …

If you enjoy captivating romance, enthralling new worlds, and stories with a taste of the forbidden, these happily ever afters will leave you spellbound. Give in to the temptation and grab your copy of Once Upon a Forbidden Desire now.

With a foreword by Grace Draven and Jeffe Kennedy, this limited edition anthology celebrates the variety of the fantasy romance genre. It contains stories ranging from sweet to steamy and is recommended for an adult audience.

Flame & Fraud: A Tenebra City Paranormal Monster Mafia Romance

Author: A.M. Kore
Release Date: 9/16/22

There was something to be said about a killer outfit, and you’d never met a sundress you didn’t like — not only did the floral patterns you often preferred have such a demure and classic quality to them, but they also did a fantastic job at hiding blood splatters…

With your ruffles and pastels, you aren’t what typically comes to mind when most think of thievery and hacking, which just so happens to be your under-the-table night job in Tenebra City. Luckily, your deceptive appearance has worked to your advantage thus far, and though you wouldn’t have turned to this shady life if not for the enormous debt keeping you caged, you’re starting to see the light at the end of the Sapphire District. You’d managed to pick up a few useful tricks over the years, and with your perfect track record, you were finally getting ready to buy your freedom and plan your retirement.

Until you meet Cadmus Etoirir.

Known for their jewelry business, the Etoirirs are one of the most prominent and powerful families in Tenebra City. As the oldest of the triplets, Cadmus has been training his entire life to inherit the family business… though gems and gold are only the tip of the bonfire.

Your meeting is not unexpected, although you never imagined how far the surly dragon would lead you through the gates of Tenebra City’s mafia underworld. An Alpha and control freak in every sense of the word, Cadmus is just as unwilling to let go of his perfect track record as you are. More than just sparks fly, and as you dance with the devil himself, you can’t help but think something’s gotta give…

Cadmus may have just met his match in you, but when he’s your last chance at finally severing the ties tethering you to the shadowy figure you’re indebted to just as you’re the key to guaranteeing his inheritance, you both become entangled in a web spun by fate itself.

And when you accidentally end up with his mating mark on your neck… those strings of fate only seem to wrap tighter and tighter.

Flame & Fraud is an immersive fated mates dragon mafia boss monster romance told in second-person POV where YOU step into the story as the main character. It contains a surly dragon mafia boss, underworld politics, and fiery spice that all culminate in a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

As the third full-length book in the Tenebra City Series, it can be read on its own, but is better enjoyed after reading Quiver & Quill (the first book in the Tenebra City Series), Grinch & Guile (a Tenebra City Series novella), and/or Sin & Spell (the second book in the Tenebra City Series).

*Note: Please check the author’s website for CWs.

Check out the first 2 books in A.M. Kore’s Tenebra City series.

The Siren’s Mistress

Author: Dolly Nightmare
Release Date: 9/18/22

Young women of the island of Gimgar have one wish, they long to be the next bride of the sea, an age-old tradition of the village dating back to the first settling. The chosen is to wed a god, a siren.

Being selected is an honor to oneself and family, and when the elders choose Mayme, she is elated she will live amongst the gods by the end of autumn. Mayme couldn’t be luckier, Como her husband to be is beautiful and benevolent, or so he seems.

Grand celebration, festivities… and death follows. Mayme has 91 days before she departs to live her life with Como, days spent courting become dangerous.

Dark secrets are revealed, and the marriage proves perhaps false. Can love be born based on the pretense of lies?

Called to the Deep

Author: Desirée M. Niccoli
Release Date: 9/20/22

First comes desire. Then hunger.

When Killian Quinn, captain of offshore fishing boat Dawn Chaser, receives a distress call from a sailing ship caught in a terrible storm, he and his crew rush to provide aid. But when they arrive, all that’s left of the ship and its crew is splintered wood and a borderline hypothermic woman who can’t remember how she survived. His attraction to her is instantaneous, and maintaining a professional distance proves to be a struggle, especially when she needs a place to stay that’s far from the press and curious townsfolk, and his idyllic cottage by the sea is the perfect sanctuary.

What was supposed to be a thrilling once-in-a lifetime opportunity for Lorelei Roth, turns into a seafaring tragedy. As Lorelei struggles to accept that she’s The Osprey’s only survivor, she’s plagued by strange dreams and sleepwalking episodes that draw her into the ocean. And if the grieving process wasn’t hard enough, Lorelei also grapples with guilt from developing feelings for the captain who rescued her. But worst of all, is a new, unsettling hunger for raw flesh that’s eating her from the inside out. The handsome captain begins to look like a tasty snack in more ways than one.

Discovering she’s descended from the people-eating mermaids who devoured her crew, Lorelei struggles to accept her identity knowing her entire existence relies upon its secrecy and devouring human flesh. What happens if Killian finds out? The world at large? What if Lorelei answers the ocean’s call to the deep?

Riding the Headless Horseman

Author: Molly Likovich
Release Date: 9/22/22

Arletta Harrington doesn’t believe in Death.

It’s Halloween in Sleepy Hollow and Arletta is spending the night selling tarot readings to her fellow townsfolk (the ones who don’t see her witchcraft as the work of the Devil that is). The people of Sleepy Hollow believe in many magical things but the one Arletta firmly doesn’t believe in is Death. The deadly rider of The Hollow. The Headless Horseman.

All of that changes when she encounters him on her late night walk. He senses how powerful her magic is and knows he has to have her. He whisks her away to his realm and tells her of his plans to make her his forever. Though she may be resistant at first after a passionate night spent with the messenger of Death, she isn’t so sure being his sounds like such a bad idea after all.

But Halloween can’t last forever…can it?

This book contains content that isn’t appropriate for all readers. Please check author’s website for a detailed list of content warnings.


Author: J.M. Jordan
Release Date: 9/22/22

Have you ever wondered about the creature of Sterling? The giant and horrific thing that sank ships and drowned foolish youth? Bea didn’t care about stories like that. The creature was all but a legend. No one had seen it in decades. Bea only cared about finding a quiet place to hide from her emotions. She did not expect to be drawn into a forbidden and dangerous romance with a sea monster.

Tomorrow is an erotic sea monster romance. User discretion is advised.

There are no triggers.

Not So Best Wishes (Nbi/M/W Monster Romance)

Author: Clio Evans
Release Date: 9/27/22

It’s just another Monster Monday…
Lora expected many things to happen— but sparks flying between her, the new HR agent, and her manticore coworker wasn’t one of them.

Mich is a handsome manticore who goes into rut after a fateful encounter with Lora and Cinder. Cinder is the new sexy HR agent with secrets they can’t keep for long.

The office environment starts to get hot as these three fall into an affair they can’t stop. Love and heat are in the air, but as the corporate enemy starts to emerge, everything changes for monsters and witches alike.

Can Lora, Mich, and Cinder make it to the weekend without losing their newfound love and jobs?

This story contains the following:

  • SPICY Monster Office Romance
  • Fated Mates
  • BDSM
  • Stapling
  • Nonbinary Representation
  • Evil HR overlords
  • and more 😉

The Warts & Claws Inc series is a spicy monster romance series following an evil HR department vs. the office. Each book will have a different relationship dynamic, inappropriate use of office supplies, creatures finding love, and more. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster related shenanigans.

Check out the first book in Clio Evans’s Warts & Claws Inc. series.

Blood Feathers: A Steamy Monster Romance

Author: Vicky Walklate
Release Date: 9/28/22

“Easy, sweet little wren. I won’t hurt you. Not unless you ask me to.”


Zookeeper Evelyn Mulholland is single and proud of it. Fickle, flirty and fancy free, she’s impossible to tie down and likes it that way – at least, that’s what she wants people to think. No man can knock her off her guard… but what about a monster?

Discovering that her best friend is dating a crocodile demon is shocking enough, but when another monster arrives needing assistance, life gets even more surreal. Eagle monster Jax is bold, charming and very keen to get Evelyn into bed. Despite her fascination with his soft feathers, razor-sharp talons and extremely talented vibrating tongue, she resists, sick of meaningless flings that lead nowhere.

But when a team of monster hunters arrive, determined to capture Jax at any cost, events take a deadly turn. Evelyn may turn out to be his only hope for survival. Whether her heart survives the encounter is another matter.


ADVISORY: This ~24k word monster romance novella features high heat scenes between a human and a monster. Please use the ‘look inside’ feature for content notes/warnings or check the book’s page on Goodreads. Further details can also be found on the author’s website.

Monsters in Love: Lost in the Dark: A Monster Paranormal Romance Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Release Date: 9/29/22

Creeping in shadows, haunting nightmares, lurking beneath the bed…monsters prowl under the cover of night, waiting until just the right moment to claim and seduce their mates.

With teeth and talons, tails and scales, they’ll tear their way into their lover’s hearts…and into yours.

Get lost in the dark with demons and devils in this delicious new collection.

Featuring monstrous tales of pleasure by:

  • Eva Priest writing as Evangeline Priest
  • Vivienne Hart
  • Nova Blake
  • Dee J. Holmes
  • Atlas Rose
  • S.J. Sanders
  • Clio Evans
  • C.M. Nascosta
  • YD La Mar
  • Ashley Bennett
  • Vera Valentine
  • Cassie Alexander

One Heart

Author: Chace Verity
Release Date: 9/30/22

At thirty-five, Vincent Ezell has settled into a routine. The nonbinary bartender sleeps during the day, serves drinks at night, contemplates the mysterious pendant his biological parents left him in between, and (most importantly) avoids dating coworkers. It’s isolating, but anything is better than getting ghosted again—at least, he clings to this belief until his hot new coworker melts the walls guarding his fragile heart.

Kit Clayton has broken ties with his morally bankrupt family and their billion-dollar oil company, prompting him to borrow money from a shady lender and start again on his own. Despite the challenges, his broken heart gets soothed by a cute, scrappy bartender. Kit’s new life seems to be going well until the snowy winter night he disappears.

Months after getting ghosted, the still-grieving Vincent winds up reuniting with his crush—by accidentally reviving him from his icy coffin. The newly awakened necromancer’s routine gets turned upside down as he works with Kit to solve the zombie’s murder, investigate his own mysterious origins, and deal with the demon following them. Everything would be easier if they weren’t now sharing a heart—Kit might have died, but Vincent’s feelings for him live on.

One Heart is a full-length, standalone paranormal romance novel.

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October Releases

The Orc from the Office

Author: Kate Prior
Release Date: 10/1/22

Mate-bonding with a co-worker is against company policy… accidentally or not.

Janice knows better than anyone that entanglements with co-workers are risky business.
But when Janice accidentally breaks a co-workers nose, she finds herself unexpectedly mated to an orc, and under Monster Resources’ scrutiny.

Khent from the IT Department is quiet and nerdy, despite the tusks. His emails are overly wordy. He won’t stop apologizing even though she’s the one who broke his glasses.

Clearly, fate got this one wrong.

All Janice has to do is stay away from Khent until the bond dissipates. Easy enough, right? Except…
…Her company laptop chooses this week to need the orc from the IT Department, repeatedly.
…She accidentally clicks on orc porn at work and has to take remedial phishing training with Khent.
…Their bond will keep pulling them back together until it is completed.

Ghost: The Halloween Boys

Author: Kat Blackthorne
Release Date: 10/1/22

Ash Grove is a fine place to die.


I wanted to shake her and scream, “You don’t have to be afraid anymore, you have me.”

And then chain her to my bed and yell, “You should be very afraid now that you have me.”

I inhabited a form that was what every legend and dark tale warned little girls like her about.
I’d slaughtered a thousand times over and I’d do so a thousand more.
But the worst thing I’d ever do… would be what I did to her.


If kept running, I wouldn’t break. If I kept hiding, I wouldn’t cry.

If I kept moving he wouldn’t find me.

Running from an impossible evil landed me between the claws of something ancient and horrifying. I went to the masquerade as a fox. How ironic, because I didn’t feel clever, sly or brave. I was a wounded rabbit waiting for teeth.
And more than one set of fangs found me.
The worst part of all?
I liked it.

The grown up ghost story for anyone who loves Halloween and is ready to meet and fall in love with their new favorite monster.

Tricks and treats lurk around every jack o’lantern and gravestone in this grown up Halloween themed paranormal monster romance. Meet witches, vampires, wolves, and ghouls, and maybe a few odd birds and pirates too. Sink your teeth into this paranormal urban fantasy romance and get ready for all the Halloween vibes.
Come to Ash Grove with an open mind, choose your mask, sit, and stay a spell… if you dare.

Ghost: The Halloween Boys is book one in a monster romance why-choose series. There will be no choosing between the love interests, though they’re each possessive, and it will be a journey to get to their final pairings. HEA with no cliffhanger, only questions leading into book two. Dual POV, spicy, and spooky, intended for ages 18+. This is a dark romance. Please see the detailed list of content information on author’s site before reading.

Death’s Bloom: An MM Bluebeard Retelling

Author: Lily Mayne
Release Date: 10/3/22

He’s the most perfect man I’ve ever met, but something is… wrong.

I don’t see it at first. All I see is the gorgeous man with dark eyes and long hair and that unusual blue beard. The piercings and the tattoos, the beautiful smile. All I can focus on is the way he touches me, the sound of his voice in my ear, the perfect life he draws me into.

I hide it from him at first. The fact that… I think I’m losing my mind. That I keep seeing something lurking in the corners of rooms, keep hearing a terrible voice mumbling in the dead of night, keep seeing white eyes watching me in the dark.

Something is haunting me. Tormenting me. Trying to ruin this perfect life I now have with Theo, so I do my best to pretend that everything is fine. That I’m not terrified I’m losing my mind, or that a demon is stalking the halls every night trying to… get me.

Until I can’t pretend anymore. Until I realise… the monster in my nightmares and my perfect, loving boyfriend are not so different after all.

Death’s Bloom is an MM horror retelling of Bluebeard, as part of the collaboration Monsters & Mayhem: An MM Horror Collection, adapting some of your favourite classic horror stories with an MM romance twist.

Warning: This m/m love story contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for young readers. It includes mild BDSM, including restraint and breath play, and MMM elements as well as graphic depictions of death, gore and violence, a somewhat toxic relationship and morally reprehensible characters.

Tentacles & Triathlons

Author: Ashley Bennett
Release Date: 10/4/22

Leviathan Fitness is the favorite place of monsters, muscles, and a tentacled creature who can seduce even the hardest to win over human.

When parks department supervisor Reece Rollins decides to sign up for a triathlon– there are two things holding him back. One, his fear of monsters. Two, his sub-par swimming skills.

At the urging of his sister’s wolven mate, Reece joins Leviathan Fitness to train in the gym’s olympic size swimming pool. After running into Reece at the pool, Cyrus offers to help Reece get ready to win the race.

New feelings arise from the depths as Reece and Cyrus learn that monsters and humans go together, tentacle in hand. The only question is- can these two hold on to their new found love despite their differences?

Tentacles & Triathlons is book two in the Leviathan Fitness series. Each book will center around the gym and feature a different monster pairing.

How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager

Author: D.N. Bryn
Release Date: 10/6/22

Vincent Barnes has suffered four years as a vampire, and they’ve been the most miserable years of his pathetic life. Too poor for black market blood, he feeds from sleeping humans to survive. He tries to never intrude on the same prey twice, but after a single delicious taste of a long-lost childhood neighbor, he can’t help returning for seconds.

Wesley Garcia has been waking up with fang marks. Lucky for him, he needs a vampire—to use as bait. He’s certain Vitalis-Barron Pharmaceutical killed his mother, but to gain access to their covert research labs, he has to bring them a bloodsucker for their experiments.

Step one, a dramatic offer: Stay, and you can bite me.

Vincent leaps at the chance to gobble Wesley up.

Wes’s plan is perfect. He’ll befriend the vampire, then trick him into coming to the lab. No fighting, no fuss. But Vincent is more than Wesley has bargained for: sweet and shy, with intoxicating fangs that awaken new desires in Wes. As the two bond, Vincent believes he might have finally found someone worth putting his trust in… and Wes fears neither of them will survive the betrayal he has planned.

How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win and Wager is a slow-burn paranormal mm romance full of laughter, angst, and thirsty pining. It is perfect for fans of fangs and scientific interpretations of vampirism, with a medium spice level that heats up further in the free bonus short story. Content includes bite kink, bleeding (non-kinky), medical experimentation (not experienced by the point of view characters), and the use of “bodice-ripping” as a verb.

JACK 2 and Other Stories: Halloween Monster Erotica Box Set

Author: Layla Fae
Release Date: 10/9/22

It’s Halloween and Jack is back to claim what’s his.

Ava hasn’t seen her ex for a year. She trembles at the very thought of him as she saw him last: a monster, his powerful body sleek with sweat, his head a flaming jack-o’-lantern. Even though she ran away as soon as he revealed his true form, the image is burned into her mind.

It haunts her in hot, sweaty dreams from which she wakes with a moan on her lips, the sheets tangled between her legs. But those dark, sensuous dreams are not enough to push her back into Jack’s monstrous embrace. Ava avoids him at all cost.

And Jack won’t have it. It’s Halloween, the night when he is the most powerful, and he will have Ava back, even if he has to hold her captive in his Halloween mansion. It lies in the Halloween Realm, a magical place where everything is hotter, spicier, and more orange.
Ava will be at the mercy of the pumpkin-headed demon whose heart and body hunger for her and her only. She’s in for a Halloween night full of filthy, monstrous wonders.

Some of them may taste like pumpkin spice.

WARNING: Contains a Layla Fae brand of epilogue.

Remember JACK? This story is about Jack Junior. He’s all grown up and ready to play.

This Halloween Monster Erotica Box Set is perfect for a spicy, hilarious, and very monstrous Halloween night. It includes the following titles, previously published in the Monster Ever After series:

  • JACK
  • GRIM
  • ORC
  • CROW
  • JACK 2: a new story, published for the first time in this book.

The Kraken’s Sacrifice

Author: Katee Robert
Release Date: 10/11/22

Catalina only made her deal with the demon because she had nowhere else to go. The world has kicked her every chance it got, so she’s all too happy to leave the realm she knows behind. What’s the worst that could happen?

She doesn’t anticipate being auctioned away to a kraken.

Thane is cold and distant…but he’s not unkind. Isolated as they are, Catalina finds herself seeking his company again and again. And when she finally agrees to uphold her portion of the bargain?

That’s when things get really interesting.

But she only gave the demon seven years, and when the time is up, she’ll have no choice but to leave behind the kraken who’s stolen her heart and return to the world that doesn’t want her.

Author’s Note: For all tropes, tags, and CWs, please check the author’s website.

The Forgotten Phantom

Author: Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Release Date: 10/11/22

Keep your hand at the level of your eyes…
Christine is certain that the Institute is trying to get rid of her. Why else would they send her to investigate a hundred-year-old cold case about some illusive “Phantom” lurking in the depths of a crumbling old Opera House?

Turns out, she’s probably right. But as unlikely as it seems, there might be something to it. There’s definitely more in the shadows than just a few rats and some pieces of forgotten scenery. Especially now that she’s woken it up.

The Phantom is real. And now he’s set his sights on her. As the old legends start to come to life around her, Christine is becoming increasingly snared in the web of a monster who has linked her to a ghost from the past. But is this Phantom fiend or friend? Angel of music or demon of the pit?

Her lover…or her killer?

Thrills, chills, horror, & romance! Creature Feature is a series of stand-alone romances that take the classic movie monsters you know and love and reimagines their stories where the villains get to keep the girl. By USA Today Bestselling Author of the “Maze of Shadows” and “Harrow Faire” series, Kathryn Ann Kingsley, these books are certain to send a shiver down your spine…and keep you up all night long.

Warning: The Forgotten Phantom has themes of stalking and murder. This is a horror romance, so some content may be upsetting to some readers.

Sea Creatures Prefer Redheads: a Romance Novella from the Phoenix Pictures Vault

Author: Brianne Gillen
Release Date: 10/13/22

She creates fantastic monsters for a living. But her imagination is a lot closer to reality than she ever dreamed possible…

In the golden age of movie-making, monster flicks are all the rage, and Opal Prince loves her job as a specialty makeup artist at Neptune Pictures—if only her boss would stop taking credit for her work. Her current creation, the titular creature in The Kelp-Dweller from Fathoms Below, might just be her favorite yet. And it doesn’t hurt that the handsome actor underneath is quickly swimming his way into her heart.

Adrian Waterson has a secret, and his redheaded colleague’s uncanny design threatens to unmask him. It’s no accident the rising movie star keeps to himself; the last thing he needs is word getting out about the real reason aquatics come so naturally to him—and precisely how human he isn’t. The closer he gets to Opal, the greater that risk becomes…and the more he longs to be himself with her.

When their newfound romance breaks a years-long curse, the pair must learn to navigate uncharted waters. Especially if they want to remain part of each other’s worlds…

13 Haunted Nights: Steamy and Spooky Short Stories

Author: Emilia Rose
Release Date: 10/13/22

With thirteen stories to satisfy your every last spooky desire, 13 Haunted Nights is filled with Halloween parties, haunted hayrides, mummies, ghosts, serial killers, and more!

Ensnared by the Werewolf: A Love Bathhouse Monster Romance

Author: Lillian Lark
Release Date: 10/16/22

A heartbroken witch, a cursed werewolf, and a fated encounter under the full moon.

Belinda loves curse breaking. When a man shows up at her shop asking for help, she’s delighted to assist.

Who wouldn’t help their fated mate after all?

Things go from bad to worse and now she’s left on the rebound. Perhaps riding the local lake monster through his heat will be enough to patch up her wounded soul and get her life out of the rut it’s fallen in.

Getting lost in the woods on the way to her date was not a part of the plan.

What also isn’t a part of the plan? Belinda has unfinished business coming for her with an entirely different type of rut in mind.

Can she outrun what hunts her? Does she want to?

Ensnared by the Werewolf takes place in the same world and night as Found by the Lake Monster and includes chasing, knotting, and breeding.

This is the longer version of Captured by the Werewolf, formerly published in the Into the Woods anthology.

The Dame & the Devil

Author: Dalia Davies
Release Date: 10/16/22

Good girls go to Hell

For the last twelve years, I’ve spent All Hallows Eve hunting the Devil on a dancefloor suspended over the pit of hell.

Those of us considered saints dress in our funereal best and are transported into the hands of sinners disguised as devils. We are their only hope for absolution.

One kiss can seal two fates, for a saint’s lips will save the sinner.

But the Devil lurks among the dancers, and his kiss will damn even the most innocent.

This year, I plan to make him mine.

The Dame & The Devil is a monstrous novella.

The Dragon and Her Thief

Author: Ariel Marie
Release Date: 10/17/22

A possessive dragon. A sexy thief. A job gone wrong…or did it?

Kelsey Rose wasn’t crazy. She was determined. A family heirloom was stolen years ago, and she was the perfect person to recover it. No job was too big for her, but this one was going to be a challenge for her.

The only obstacle?

A dragon shifter.

Mythia Zinfina spent centuries protecting and growing her hoard. The powerful dragon shifter was patiently waiting for the day she would find her mate. Never did she expect the tiny slip of a woman breaking into her castle to be the one who was destined to be at her side for all eternity.

The second their eyes met, Mythia’s dragon determined she would never let Kelsey go.

If you love steamy, wlw paranormal romance tales with plenty of heat and action, then you will enjoy The Dragon and Her Thief. This story was intended for mature readers only.

Please note: This book was previously included in the Cocky Alpha Shifters anthology and has been released on its own.

Captured by the Fae Beast

Author: Mallory Dunlin
Release Date: 10/18/22

When the fae save your life, they own it—no matter how monstrous they are.

A literal beast holds the key to her freedom. He’s feared by the Court and known for killing all who oppose him. Escape is not an option. Against every story she’s ever read, she’ll have to strike a bargain with the fae.

Leah had a good life: a cushy job, cute boyfriend, and enough money to go on vacation. But when disaster strikes in the backcountry of Yosemite, she’s left with no options. The appearance of a handsome stranger seems like salvation—until she looks into his inhuman golden eyes.

She always loved reading fae romances, but she never thought she’d star in one.

The crown prince is violent, unpredictable, and an animalistic brute compared to the ethereal beauty of the other fae. Claiming to be Leah’s soulmate, he offers her a deal: stay as his guest for a year and a day and he’ll let her go… but only if she still doesn’t love him.

Yet nothing is as it seems in Faery, even the wolf-eyed fae prince who wants to keep Leah by his side. She needs to get back to her family—but how is she supposed to stay away from the monster who wants to make her his world?

Captured by the Fae Beast is a complete, stand-alone novel loosely inspired by the story of Hades and Persephone. This passionate tale of loyalty and challenge will sweep you off your feet with a swoon-worthy romance perfect for fans of reluctant soulmates and monsters with hearts of gold.

Blood Moon: A Rivals to Lovers Vampire and Witch Romance

Author: Jillian Graves
Release Date: 10/18/22

6′ Plus Size Witch
Mind Reading Vampire
Lovers to Rivals to Lovers
Grumpy Heroine/ Smart-ass Hero
One Night Stand

Hazel knows exactly how to get over her bar’s troubles: getting under something big, hairy, and monstrous at her coven’s supernatural mixer. The hottest club in Los Angeles may be luring away her clientele, but for just one night she is ditching her responsibilities and indulging her fantasies.

But the relief the witch seeks looks nothing like what she expects. Fur-free and bearing fangs, Vlad is more than an anonymous one-night stand. He’s the mind-reading vampire whose every success brings Hazel’s bar one step closer to ruin.

After a century away from LA, Vlad has opened a club for humans and supernaturals alike. But a hot hookup brings him face-to-mind with the curvy witch who stands between him and his dreams. Understanding her desires as well as her heartfelt ambitions means navigating a passion studded with pitfalls.
Will mixing business and pleasure brew a delicious new future together, or leave them with one hell of a supernatural hangover?

Blood Moon is a Strange Moon novella taking place in the same universe as Titan, and takes place between Book 1 and Book 2 in the Romancing His Stone series. Don’t be surprised if a gargoyle or other familiar characters make an appearance.

Please note the Strange Moon Novella series is lighter in tone and plot than the Romancing His Stone series, but packs the same spicy punch.

Hayseed: A Scarecrow Monster Romance

Author: Vera Valentine
Release Date: 10/20/22

What’s full of ears and always listening?

The Harvest Festival has come to Kern Creek again, and farm girl Maisie is excited to take in the sights, sample her favorite fall treats, and enjoy the evening. But when her out-of-control boyfriend Daniel crosses a line in a drunken rage, she flees into the dark of the cornfield to save herself. Exhausted, scared, and somehow lost in the very fields she grew up exploring, the full moon reveals an unexpected addition to the stalks: a scarecrow she’s never seen before. No mere decoration, old druidic magic has given the strange straw man – Corbin – a sentry’s reprieve on equinox night. The dark bargain he offers in turn is as intoxicating as Old Man Walker’s cider and twice as sweet – but will Maisie dare accept it?

Bad Boy Minotaur: Monster Between the Sheets

Author: Michele Mills
Release Date: 10/21/22

My neighbor is a huge, undeniably powerful Minotaur.

You heard me right—a Minotaur.

With curved horns on either side of his head and a heavy gold ring that pierces both nostrils. He’s often shirtless while he tinkers with his motorcycle, which exposes a sweaty six pack of abs and the intricate tats that sleeve both of his muscular arms.

Tonight, on Halloween, my insufferable neighbor is throwing yet another raging party with lots of rowdy guests, and it’s continuing way past curfew and late into the night. I’m so very tired of this behavior.

That’s it—I’m marching over there!

I arrive in a short robe and fuzzy slippers, ready to let loose with a verbal barrage.

His front door swings open and the Minotaur’s heated, possessive gaze travels from the top of my messy bun, along the length of my curves, to the tips of my painted toenails.

A wide grin spreads across his harsh features.

And he grabs my wrist and pulls me inside.

Then slams the door shut behind me.

Bad Boy Minotaur is part of the 12 book multi-author series, Monster Between the Sheets. Check out the whole series for more monstrous goodness.

Taken by the Dark Elf King: Monstrous Mates Book One

Author: Charlotte Swan
Release Date: 10/25/22

Princess Elveena has never seen a dark elf in her life.

As princess of the light of elves, their two kinds have been separated since before her birth. When a royal messenger arrives inviting them to a ball hosted by the king of the dark elves, Elvie knows she cannot pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Even after the warnings from her father, Elvie knows this will be a night she’ll never forget.

She expected to end the night with sore feet from the endless hours of dancing…not to be engaged to the king himself!

Trapped in this new kingdom, Elvie knows she must make the most of her new situation. With each passing day she learns that King Arkain is not what she thought a dark elf would be like. Sure he is mean and beastly compared to the males she is used to but, Elvie quickly finds that to be the reason he excites her so much.

As the threat of war looms, will this budding passion between Elvie and the king continue to blossom? Or will she lose herself and all that she loves in the process?

For a full list of tropes and other information, please check my website.

Abduction Seduction

Author: D.J. Russo
Release Date: 10/25/22

Three days of fun.

Three irresistible aliens.

One newly single cryptozoologist.

What could go wrong?

On the first day of Chimera Con, the biggest fan con in North America, my boyfriend of five years dumps me over a text. I’m furious and heartbroken, of course, but there’s no way I’m spending the entire con inside my hotel room. I’m prepared to grin and bear it while I fly solo for the weekend.

But then I meet Aiden.

Aiden is sweet, charismatic, and inquisitive. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s hot as hell and into the same stuff as I am. When he introduces me to his equally attractive friends, Sara and Wes, my weekend does a one-eighty. I’m fully prepared for several nights of fun hookups, but something is… off about the trio. My new friends harbor a secret so strange it’s otherworldly.

ABDUCTION SEDUCTION is a MMFF sci-fi polyamorous romance intended for adult readers. It is complete with an HEA. For all tropes, tags, and CWs, please check the author’s website.

Shelter for a Shifter: A Grumpy Werewolf Romance

Author: Lauren Connolly
Release Date: 10/26/22

All Ame asks for is the right spell, a full moon, and a cooperative cat. She does not ask for a naked werewolf.

Ame Shelly has been searching through grimoires for years, hoping to find a way to save her cat companion. A feline she’s ninety-six percent sure is a man stuck in the wrong form. When Ame and her sister start their own magical library in the small town of Folk Haven, the witch finally discovers an incantation that could free her friend. At least, she thinks Bee the cat is her friend. He hasn’t run away from her since the night she discovered him injured in the woods. Plus, Bee doesn’t growl at her the way he does with everyone else …

Bee wants revenge.

Bee is not a cat, his name is not Bee, and he is not happy.

Hallow & Hew: A Tenebra City Paranormal Monster Gargoyle Romance (Halloween Novella)

Author: A.M. Kore
Release Date: 10/28/22

Lot 666…

You couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that a former church would have a building number like that, though perhaps ‘former’ was the key word here…

A late bloomer in every sense of the word, you are a witch who discovered your affinity for magic much later than your peers. When a pen pal you meet in college urges you to chase your passion for gardening, you decide to open your own florist shop after graduating.

Though life gets in the way and your correspondence ends, you are now the proud owner of The Witching Flower. In the few years since opening your doors, you’ve received your fair share of extravagant orders from the demon and dragon elite looking to woo their loved ones with enchanted blooms. When you receive an order for a single bouquet that brings you to Lot 666, a dilapidated church on the outskirts of town, your curiosity is piqued…

And meeting the enigmatic artist within only raises more questions than answers.

Your newest client has converted the abandoned building into his art studio, and his paintings are as dark and gloomy as the shadows he chooses to shroud himself in. Even though you’ve never seen his face, the wings and horns of his silhouette soon become familiar as he slowly warms to you. The phantom hidden in the rafters seems to have the same appreciation for flowers as you do, and as autumn draws closer to winter, you wonder if something between you may be blossoming…

Just as you wonder what else those talented hands of his can do.

And why does he remind you so much of the mysterious pen pal who introduced you to the language of flowers in the first place?

Hallow & Hew is an immersive, cozy autumnal monster romance told in second-person POV where YOU step into the story as the main character. It contains a soft gargoyle artist, the language of flowers, and slow-burn steam that all culminate in a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

As the second novella in the Tenebra City Series, it can be read on its own, but is better enjoyed after reading Quiver & Quill (the first book in the Tenebra City Series), Grinch & Guile (a Tenebra City Series novella), Sin & Spell (the second book in the Tenebra City Series), and/or Flame & Fraud (the third book in the Tenebra City Series)

*Note: Please check the author’s website for CWs.

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November Releases

She Who Brought the Storm

Authors: Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea
Release Date: 11/4/22

“What kind of raging asshole is setting loose hydras in my territory?”

Some monsters come with fangs, forked tongues and sharp scales. Some come with smiles, soft eyes and honeyed words.

Laura, a totally normal sized dragon, rules the peaceful Ashwood alongside her beloved twin sister (who can shut up about Laura’s height!). However, when tales of monsters and treachery reach their secluded lair, Laura feels her control over her territory and the safety of her subjects slipping. And that is something she cannot allow.
Aiding her is Rhi, a young, cheerful ranger who hides a dark secret just beneath their skin. They’re looking for their own vengeance, and definitely not for ill-fated romances with hot, confident dragons! They’re happy to assist Laura, especially if it gets them closer to their quarry. (And definitely not because she’s pretty!)
But monsters aren’t so easily slain, and the two of them end up fighting an uphill battle.

To complicate matters, Calia, once Laura’s friend, returns, invading her territory, her head, and her heart. With enemies lurking in the shadows, Laura has no time to start new relationships or rekindle old ones. But that doesn’t stop Calia, Bringer of Storms and toughest dragon around. She wants Laura, and no monsters will stand in her way, no matter what skin they wear. If they try… well, then she might just devour them all.

Will Laura be able to hold her own against the dangers surrounding her? Whom can she trust to guard her heart? And will they all weather the storm together, or be destroyed by it?

If you are ace or have issues with blood and violence, please make sure to consult the warnings after the author’s note (available in the preview).
The spicy aspects of the book remain largely isolated, marked (by chapter and page number), and can be skipped without missing out on too much of the characters’ interactions. Though for one of them their feelings and they way she acts on them is part of her specific human/dragon experience, and we cannot promise to keep her thoughts entirely devoid of attraction in a book about attraction. Either way we have taken care to make the spice, while on-page, not gratuitously graphic. We have preferences too.
Hunting, blood, and some gore are more or less unavoidable in a book about monster hunting, and directly play into the narrative that drives the plot along.
Please review the provided notes and proceed at your own discretion.

Monsters Before Men: A Beastly Paranormal Romance Anthology

Author: Various Authors
Release Date: 11/16/22

When men fail, our monsters will satisfy…

A primal growl. The rustle of fur. Eerie eyes peer out from the darkness.

There’s no use resisting. They’ve been waiting, patient in their hunt. Now, they’ve come to corner you. Take you. Claim you.

But beware… No man can compare to the savage love of a monster.

Thirteen exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places.

Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien.


  • Ophelia Bell
  • V.T. Bonds
  • Jocelyn Montana
  • Leslie Chase
  • Godiva Glenn
  • Leanna Ryans
  • Elizabeth Austin
  • Cassie Alexander
  • Cara Wylde
  • Layla Fae
  • Chloe Parker
  • Cass Alex
  • Hannah Haze

Monster Bait: A Diverse Monster Romance

Author: Imani Jay
Release Date: 11/30/22

A Halloween party with real monsters. A woman too curious for her own good. Can you handle supernatural levels of steam?

Read along for an OTT instalove romance between a naughty monster and the sassy girl who finds out she’s hot for the thing that lurches in the dark.

Beware of e-readers catching fire and/or panties disintegrating…

This is a safe read, with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA! Enjoy!

December Releases

The Savage Beasts of Salem

Author: Cate Corvin
Release Date: 12/9/22

Now is the season of the witch and the wolf.

In the village of Vostok, no one enters the forest. Only the Beasts of the Wood prowl there, keeping us prisoner from the rest of the world.
As a Vessel, an ordained maiden of the church, I consume the souls of the Beasts to free us from their hunger—at the cost of my own life.

But when the Beasts slip through my defenses to call me to the forest, they tell me this is not what my life is meant to be.

That the Vessel was never meant to consume them, but to live free alongside them—free of the church, free of the priests who have kept me locked up since the day I was born.
Free to give in to the primal desires of the Beasts.

I am no maiden, but their witch… and they demand the village answers for its crimes.

But breaking free from my chains might be the worst mistake I ever made.
Because it’s not the Beasts out there I fear.
It’s the vengeful beast inside me.

The Savage Beasts of Salem is a standalone dark fantasy romance, with monstrous, possessive werewolves, knots, and a heroine who embraces her feral side. For mature readers only.

Monstrous Bond: A Monster Romance Novella

Authors: Harper A. Brooks & R.K. Pierce
Release Date: 12/15/22

Dark magic and a raging libido can get a girl in trouble…

They say never mix magic with pleasure, but after one too many bad dates, that’s exactly what I do.

To my surprise, instead of getting off, I get a portal to another realm and a hulking, terrifying monster in my bedroom. As expected, he isn’t happy to be there.

But there’s another problem.

My dark magic has bound us together, making our desires undeniable and putting us both in grave danger.

Breaking the spell means losing the one thing I fought so hard to find.

And I’m not sure I’m willing to lose my monstrous lover just yet.

USA Today Bestselling Author Harper A. Brooks and monster romance extraordinaire R.K. Pierce have teamed up to create a fast-paced, ultra-sizzling, monster-loving novella for you to devour.

**Monstrous Bond is a standalone novella.**

I’m in Love with Mothman

Author: Paige Lavoie
Release Date: 12/16/22

22-year-old Heather is suffering from an epic case of burnout.

So, just like any other young influencer, she

abandons her social platforms. Check!

gathers up her best flowy dresses. Check!

and moves to a desolate cabin. Check!

Heather imagines spending her #unplugged days traipsing through the woods and tending to her garden. However, her cottagecore fantasy is turned upside down when a wounded cryptid crashes into her roof—and her heart.

With no help from her internet followers, and the local monster-hunter growing suspicious, Heather’s quiet life in the wilderness has suddenly become a little more complicated. To make matters worse, she thinks she might be falling in love with the brooding winged man in her living room.

Bound To The Dark: A monster romance

Author: Alexa Michaels
Release Date: 12/16/22

I made a deal with a monster. Now he’s here to collect.

Book 2 in the Monsters in Moonlight series.

Beneath the Bloody Aurora

Author: Beka Westrup
Release Date: 12/20/22

Clio Farren is a bride in pursuit of the perfect venue for her wedding. More than that, she’s searching for answers concerning her best friend’s sudden death a year ago. She believes Raðljóst Manor holds the key to figuring it out. When Clio shuts herself in with the owner during an Arctic freeze, she unravels more secrets than she expected to in both Nikolai’s manor and mind.

Nikolai Trousseau is an unlucky soul, bound to Earth for eternity after drinking a noxious tea millennia ago. He runs a hotel in the Arctic, where polar night liberates him three months each year. With his stash of demon blood running out and a beautiful, uniquely-scented woman poking around his manor, he may discover more thrumming through her veins than he bargained for.

Moth Wanted: A Dark Mothman Monster Romance

Author: Loki Renard
Release Date: 12/25/22

I hunted him down.
Now I’m on his moth wanted list.

As a female detective for the NYPD, I thought I’d seen everything.
But when a string of murders goes unsolved, I’m led into some very dark places.
Every witness tells me the same thing.
The killer is a creature with red eyes and massive wings.
A moth man.
A cryptid.
Obviously not real.

I don’t believe in urban legends, but I’m used to hunting evil.
It’s up to me to follow the leads, and go where the evidence takes me.
What I find is a monster.
A dark harbinger of doom.
Devastatingly real.

But there are even more surprises in store.
I never expected him to be so. Darn. Hot.
I never expected to become his prey.
Now the hunter has become the hunted.
And escaping this winged nightmare without surrendering to his dark charms might be the last thing I never do.

My Demon Desire

Author: Arya Karin
Release Date: 12/31/22

I’ve been sold to demons. Monsters.

My freedom is stripped from me along with my dignity as three beasts with freaking horns claim me as their own.

Every night they come to me and leave me wanting for what I shouldn’t desire. Their touches, their kisses awakens my desires and I don’t want them to stop.

How can I lust after my enemy? Three devils who make my body yearn for them in every way I shouldn’t.

My body succumbs to their seduction over and over until I crave them. But they can’t own my heart, my mind.

No matter how many times I try to run, one of them finds me.

I’m beginning to think there’s no way out of this nightmare.

Worse. I’m beginning not to care if I ever escape.

My Demon Desire is a sinfully dark Monster Romance. This tale is packed with steamy scenes, action, and a brooding anti-hero. This enemies-to-lovers story is not for the week or prudish. Recommended for 18+ because of dark themes, but all sexual instances are consensual.

Entranced by the Basilisks: A Love Bathhouse Monster Romance

Author: Lillian Lark
Release Date: 12/31/22

She opened the wrong book…

This is Emilia’s story and includes two love interests who are also in a relationship with each other.

More description to come.

Haunted Hearts

Author: Salem Cross
Release Date: 12/31/22

As it turns out, Ghosts aren’t the only things that go bump in the night. Malicious warlocks do too.

Fulton thought he won. As it turns out, the game has just begun. He’s on the run and causing havoc in his wake.

Now that I’m home, it’s time to take over the family business.

My first job: stop the warlock from throwing both realms, the Living and the Dead, into irreparable chaos. Easier said than done. But I have every intention of trying and I won’t let anything stop me. Not the jealousy between my men or the new unhinged power I’ve unlocked.

Watch out Fulton, here I come.

Haunted Hearts is Book 3 in the Broken Vows series. Check out the first 2 books from Salem Cross, Book 1: Ghostly Touches and Book 2: Woven Souls.

Title TBD (Wed in the Wild #2)

Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: TBD (December 2022)

Read the prequel Bound, a 13k-word novelette in the Fangs With Benefits universe. It serves as a prequel to three future standalones.

Her pack is destroyed. Her Alpha is dead.

All that Pheir has left is rage. And the Conclave doesn’t trust she won’t seek revenge…for good reason. There’s only one way to bind Pheir’s loyalty: a forced marriage to the Alpha of an enemy pack. And who better to drag Pheir away than said pack’s highest-ranking officers?

The only problem is, Pheir’s escorts would rather kill her than transport her. Caius still has scars from Pheir’s talons, and Aren can only keep his composure for so long.

But the leftover energy from battle runs hot between all three of them. And if Pheir can use that distracting desire to make her escape…how deep is the line between lust and hate, anyway?

Warning: This is a MMF encounter between two werepeople and a harpy. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content advisories are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

**Bound is a prequel and ends on a cliffhanger!**

What We Call Worship

Author: R.M. Virtues
Release Date: Ongoing/TBD

When the magic in Quetzalli’s village begins to dwindle, she decides it is time to venture up the Smoking Mountain where it is rumored a god lives. Whether it is true or not, she has other reasons for going up there. It is where her mother went and never returned from over twenty years ago. And it may be their last hope.

Tlaloc was once the great god of rain and thunder for the Nahuallis and the Nahua people. However, after being betrayed and bound to the Smoking Mountain, he was all but erased. Despite this, as the magic grows weaker in and around the Smoking Mountain, he is determined to find a solution. They may have abandoned him, but they are still his people, and he exists to serve. Could the woman who somehow made it up the Mountain with no magic and no permission be the key?

What We Call Worship is R.M. Virtues’s first Patreon serial. Visit R.M.’s Patreon to learn more.

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