Monster Mashin’: 2021 Monster & Horror Romances

Read below to discover great monster romances from 2021 or check out the 2022 Monster Romance release roundup.

Recently(ish) Released Monsters

The OMFG: Horn Over Hooves

Author: Jules Counts
Release Date: 3/20/21

Sex. Love. Monsters. After a nasty breakup, Lila Roberts decided she needed to make some major life changes. New apartment, new career, new sense of self; Lila practically hit a total reset button! The new job is great. She gets to work in a beautiful art museum alongside her best friend, and has even developed a bit of a work crush. There’s just one thing she didn’t plan on. That work crush of hers? He isn’t exactly human.

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Tentacles: The Wet & Messy Bundle: 4 Stories of Slimy Tentacle Sex
Author: Sibley Stamps
Release Date: 3/12/21

From space prison to alien worlds, four sci-fi women are about to experience tentacles in ways they’ve never imagined! This bundle features double and triple penetrations, dominating aliens, oviposition, instant pregnancy, egg-laying, squirting, strong-willed female leads, dubious consent, and a whole lot of tentacle slime.

Contains the following stories, which are also available individually:

Pleasing the Tentacle Warden
Horny for the Alien Tentacle Vines
Sacrificed to the Alien Tentacle God
Sentenced to the Tentacle Chair

Ganged by the Mothmen: A Hypnotic Dubcon Ovipositor Sex Short
Author: Sibley Stamps
Release Date: 4/2/21

Cryptid hunter Cara’s obsession with the Mothman leads her to stake out an old warehouse, where not one, but seven of the creatures show up. Mesmerized by them, Cara willingly submits to their dominating urges, but it might be too much for one woman to take…

Dogman: The Alpha’s Knot Bundle: 4 Tales of Rough Monster Sex
Author: Sibley Stamps
Release Date: 6/15/21

From the deep forest to their own bedrooms, four women encounter the cryptid Dogman in feral and unforgettable ways…

This bundle features massive size difference, dominating creatures, psychic communication, primal roughness, squirting, strong-willed female leads, incredible orgasms, monster-sized creampies, and all the knotting that the leading ladies can take!

Contains the following stories:

On Her Knees for the Dogman
Getting Dirty with the Dogman
Knotted by the Dogman
Mounted by the Dogman

Ensnared: An Alien Romance Trilogy (The Spider’s Mate Book 1)
Author: Tiffany Roberts
Release Date: 5/26/21

He’s spent years as a hunter, but now he’s the one ensnared in a creature’s trap.

Ketahn did not want a mate. Fate has a different plan for him. When the queen he despises declares her intention to claim him, he retreats into the jungle.

What he finds there changes his world.

Small, delicate, and pale skinned, Ivy Foster is nothing like the females Ketahn has known. She’s not of his kind at all. Yet the moment he sees her, he knows the truth in his soul—she is his heartsthread.

And now that he has her, he won’t let anything take her away. Not the jungle, not the gods, not the queen and her warriors.

Whether Ivy agrees or not, their webs are entangled. No one will ever sever those threads.

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Enthralled: An Alien Romance Trilogy (The Spider’s Mate Book 2)
Author: Tiffany Roberts
Release Date: 9/2/21

He conquered her, but he is the one enthralled.

Ketahn hadn’t wanted a mate. Fate gave him Ivy Foster. Now, he wants nothing more than to enjoy his little human.

But fate is not content to make things so simple.

With an enraged queen searching for him, Ketahn knows the Tangle is not safe for his mate. They need to leave. Yet Ivy will not forsake her people, and he cannot condemn her compassion. When they wake the other humans from their death sleeps, Ketahn now has more mouths to feed, and the strands of his web are in danger of snapping.

To keep Ivy and her people safe, he must placate the queen that hunts him. He must venture into Zurvashi’s domain and face her wrath—and her desire.

The strength of his heartsthread, his bond with Ivy, will be tested.

Ketahn refuses to let that thread break. Even if he must sever all the rest.

Book 2 of 3 in The Spider’s Mate Trilogy.
Warning: Contains darker themes, S/A, and death. There is also a cliffhanger.

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Stowaway and Silent Song
Author: Vera Valentine
Release Date: 5/26/21

A selkie, a siren, and a sea captain walk into a tavern…

After building a reputation for herself as one of the best cargo-runners in the Winding Way, Captain Miranda Cardonna finally feels at home on the deck of her own ship, the Tempest Tossed. But when a tempting stowaway with one hell of a secret ends up in her cabin, she’s plunged headfirst into a world of shifters, waveborns, and prophesy that pulls her in like the tides.

As selkies, sirens, and assassins seep into her once-mortal life, can Miranda find her footing in a new world where magic, love, and lust flow freely?

Stowaway and Silent Song is the first of three books in the Tempest Tossed Trilogy, with the additional two books slated for release by late 2021 / early 2022. This is a fantasy paranormal reverse harem title, which means the heroine has multiple love interests and doesn’t need (or want!) to choose between them. There are also many M/M scenes woven throughout, so enjoy!

This book, as well as the rest of the trilogy, is intended for adult audiences only, and contains explicit content / potential triggers, including but not limited to BDSM / Power Exchange, General Violence, Alcohol, Cursing, Knives, Murder, Drowning, Allusions to Past Assault, and Group Sex.

Feed: An Erotic Monster Romance Prequel (Fangs With Benefits)
Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: 5/28/21

This monster wants to get under more than just her skin…

Avirin has a dirty little secret.

She hates her fae coworker – but that’s no surprise. Not when Pye’s tattoos and easy-going attitude clash with her pencil skirts and rigid expectations. Those strict rules help her maintain a corporate appearance so no one catches onto the truth of what she is…

A succubus, secretly scheduling the feedings she needs to survive. Imagine her shock to find Pye on her doorstep offering their services.

Avirin should refuse, but the need to feed is growing stronger…and once she gets a taste of him, she’s not sure her hunger will be sated by anything less than his body against hers.

Feed is a 14k-word prequel novelette in the Fangs With Benefits series; the Fangs With Benefits series can be read in any order.

Warning: This is a F/Nbi romance between a succubus and a death’s-head hawkmoth fairy. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content warnings are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

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Skin: An Erotic Monster Romance Prequel (Fangs With Benefits)
Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: 7/16/21

This monster is the only one who can touch her…

The last time Harbinger felt someone’s touch was seven years ago. Cursed with the ability to soak up information through her skin, she focuses on loaning out her services and keeping the world at arm’s length. Easier said than done when she’s partnered with the gargoyle Jasper Flint.

But when a routine mission turns into an ambush, Flint shields her from a spray of bullets…and brushes against her in the process. Now, she can feel everything he does – including his growing attraction to her. Flint tries to keep things professional, but Harbin doesn’t want to miss the chance to finally feel someone against her skin.

And if Flint’s the only one who can put his hands on her…he’s going to make it worth her while.

Skin is a 14k-word prequel novelette in the Fangs With Benefits series; the Fangs With Benefits series can be read in any order.

Warning: This is a MF romance between a gargoyle and a banshee. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content warnings are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

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Author: K. Sterling
Release Date: 7/15/21

They left him in the woods as a sacrifice to an ancient monster but Stellan found a better way to tempt the beast.

After losing his father, Stellan Berg leaves for a sabbatical to the old country in search of a family legend. He didn’t plan on becoming the townsfolk’s sacrifice to the ancient creature in the woods. But when Stellan wakes up alone in the forest with nothing but his wits and a hunting knife to protect him, his fate might be sealed.

In the shadows of a mist-shrouded mountain fjord in Norway, the monster Fenrir roams the forest. According to local legends, the giant wolf is a ruthless predator feeding on anyone who wanders into his woods. Will Stellan be Fenrir’s next victim or can he tempt the beast to take his body and spare his life?

Warning: Fenrir is not a shifter and this is not a traditional romance.

Morning Glory Milking Farm (Cambric Creek: Sweet & Steamy Monster Romance Book 1)
Author: C.M. Nascosta
Release Date: 8/1/21

Violet is a typical, down-on-her-luck millennial: mid-twenties, over-educated and drowning in debt, on the verge of moving into her parents’ basement. When a lifeline appears in the form of a very unconventional job in neighboring Cambric Creek, she has no choice but to grab at it with both hands.

Morning Glory Farm offers full-time hours, full benefits, and generous pay with no experience needed . . . there’s only one catch. The clientele is Grade A certified prime beef, with the manly, meaty endowments to match. Hands-on work with minotaurs isn’t something Violet ever considered as a career option, but she’s determined to turn the opportunity into a reversal of fortune.

When a stern, deep-voiced client begins to specially request her for his sessions at the farm, maintaining her professionalism and keeping him out of her dreams is easier said than done. Violet is resolved to make a dent in her student loans and afford name-brand orange juice, and a one-sided crush on an out-of-her-league minotaur is not a part of her plan—unless her feelings aren’t so one-sided after all.

Morning Glory Farm is a short human/monster romance novel (60k), featuring a high heat slow burn with a lot of heart, and a guaranteed HEA. It is the first book in the Cambric Creek Monster Romance series and can be read as a standalone. CWs are viewable on the author’s website.

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A Thing of Beauty
Author: Sonni de Soto
Release Date: 9/02/21

If it looks like a monster and moves like a monster, it must be one right?

Then why does the human world seem so much more frightening to Brindle? Built like a beast, she never felt like she fit into the world she was born into.

Until Bloom.

Can she and Bloom find a way to live and love together in a world that refuses to see them as they are?

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A Strip of Velvet
Author: Rien Gray
Release Date: 9/3/21

Katla Elínsdóttir has always believed in the old ways. She grew up in a rural village worshipping Heimr, an ever-changing and seductive god of the hunt. Offering blood to make the crops grow is second nature, but part of Katla fears a darker side of her nature that longs for prey. 

Abandoning her worship for a normal life in the city seems to tame that thirst, until Heimr appears in Katla’s dreams and calls her back to the wild. They offer her everything she desires, but at a price her body and soul might not survive.

A Strip of Velvet is a 16,000 word F/NBi erotic monster romance featuring:

  • a bestial, four-armed shapeshifting hunting god
  • an older, near-feral bi protagonist
  • substantial size difference 
  • predator/prey dynamics + primal sex
  • hurt/comfort
  • consensual transformation 

This story contains explicit sexual content and is only for 18+ readers. 

Mirror Monster On My Wall: A Steamy Reverse Harem Regency Monster Romance (Shadows & Glass Book 1)
Author: Tam Nicnevin
Release Date: 9/15/21

In a battle of wills against her wicked stepmother and a cruel earl intent on her dowry, Alice Blanchard is positive she has no one to turn to…

Regency England is a hostile place for twenty-five-year-old Alice Blanchard: half-Black, autistic, and wholly uninterested in the romantic company of men, her current plan in life is to endure the tyrannical abuse of her stepmother until the racist old woman dies of an apoplexy. That plan goes out the window when the cruel Madame Blanchard informs Alice that she’s been betrothed to the equally cruel Lord Matthew Hillborough, Earl of Pennwood.

Until four old friends show her what she’s truly capable of…

Ever since she was a little girl, the only people who’ve ever shown Alice real love were Magpie, Silver, Kapri, and Glashtyn: four strange, clawed, fanged, many-limbed creatures carved of black glass that appeared to her in her dreams. Now these beings are all grown up, and so is Alice. They love her, they’re willing to do anything for her, and she’s willing to do anything for them. She just has to find the desperation she needs to let her monsters step out of the dream world and into reality. All it takes is a full moon…and human blood like a scarlet tide…

Mirror Monster on My Wall is a 22k-word erotic monster mash-up novelette of “Snow White” and “Alice in Wonderland” set against the backdrop of Regency England and featuring a new kind of monstrous lover.

Warning: This novelette is the story of an abused young woman taking back her power and autonomy and escaping her monstrous abusers with the help of the real monsters who love her. It features explicit scenes between a human woman, a monster woman, and three non-binary monsters. Reader discretion is advised.

Trigger warnings and content notes are listed in the book’s front matter.

Strange Visits
Author: Kat Turner
Release Date: 9/28/21

Reeling from a recent, messy divorce, Cassie yearns to start over but is unsure of her path forward. When an everyday walk on the beach spontaneously inspires her to request the guidance of any water spirits who may be listening, a happenstance encounter with a mysterious being from another dimension results. Soon after, Cassie becomes swept up in an interstellar romantic adventure that pushes the boundaries of her imagination to their limits. As she gets to know the unusual male humanoid who contacted her, Cassie is forced to reckon with the depths of her emotion-and make a tough choice about her future in the world she knows.

Content Notes: past alcoholism, past divorce, brief memory loss.

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Home Within Skin
Author: Jem Zero
Release Date: 9/28/21

A homeless trans man and an alien sex worker ruin each other’s nights, film a porno, and fall in love.


Jax, a disabled trans man with more hangups than belongings, has survived two years of homelessness by keeping his head down and refusing to trust. The intergalactic Rrhi immigration reshaping life on Earth seems irrelevant until Jax sneaks into a hotel hoping for a respite from the cold and accidentally barges in on a Rrhi sex worker.

Sei-vész is stunning, but his defensiveness almost scares Jax away. Almost. Jax sees his vulnerabilities mirrored in Sei-vész, so he accepts the other man’s reluctant offer of a truce. What starts as a one-time experiment spirals into an unexpected deep affection that draws them into each other’s arms again and again.

When Sei-vész tries to protect Jax from his own stubbornness, though, Jax digs in his heels. Love isn’t a guarantee, and relying on others is what landed him on the streets in the first place.

If Jax wants a future with Sei-vész, he’ll need to challenge himself… and open up to trust. Otherwise he might be left out in the cold once again.


HOME WITHIN SKIN is a 63,000 word M/M alien romance with a trans protagonist. It is written in second person, present tense. The story includes descriptions of PTSD, abuse, sex work, and homelessness, and has multiple open door intimate scenes. Happy ending guaranteed.

In the Bedroom of Medusa
Author: Magen Cubed
Release Date: 9/30/21

An ancient monster in the modern-day. A gilded castle with whispered secrets. A peculiar sapphic romance.

When Evelyn agrees to become the live-in companion of the secretive Lady Demetria Balaskas, the human finds herself falling for a creature lost to time.

IN THE BEDROOM OF MEDUSA is an erotic F/F romance novella featuring a gorgon/human relationship.

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Flesh and Stone
Author: Emily Hemenway
Release Date: 9/30/21

When Thomas travels to America to capture an evil witch, he quickly discovers that his training as a Supernatural Investigator has not prepared him for how powerful she is. Transformed into a gargoyle and cursed to spend eternity in a hellish alternate reality, he has little hope of ever returning to the real world or finding happiness again.

Hannah’s first week after moving to New York City is filled with sightseeing and tourist traps. After dragging her best friend all around the city, she finds herself drawn to an ornate local cathedral. When she touches an alluring stone gargoyle, however, her life is thrown into chaos when he suddenly comes alive.

Now he’s crashing at her new apartment and things are heating up. Not only does this monster have a charming British accent, but he’s also kind, considerate, and has one hell of a tongue. Can she help him adjust to the 21st century? Or, will his past bring even more trouble into her life?

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Fear, and Other Love Languages
Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: 10/01/21

Any day now, the dreams will catch up to Elia.

But Elia’s too busy trying not to get fired to let recurring nightmares distract them. If they could only figure out what their creepy boss wants from them, they might actually get some sleep.

Because their dreams are just dreams…right?

But when Elia finally meets the nightmarish creatures who have been torturing them for years, they question the lines they thought existed between dreams and reality, fear and power, and love and torment.

Warning: This 15k erotic horror novelette is a Nbi/F/M romance between a human, their nightmare, and their night terror. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content warnings are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

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No Getting Ogre You
Author: M.L. Eliza
Release Date: 10/1/21

I’m lost in him, consumed by him. Knowing that he could snap me in half in a second, grind my bones to make his bread, thrills me more than it should. He could gobble me up in an instant.

Lucky me that he just wants to eat me out instead.


Lost on the Appalachian Trail, Jaquelyn falls head-over-heels (literally) into an ogre’s lair. She should be terrified of the enormous horned monster, but he turns out to be a surprisingly gentle green giant, and soon the fact that he and Jaquelyn don’t understand each other no longer matters. Sure, he may be a monster, but he’s also the best lover she’s ever had, and there are definitely fates worse than spending the rest of your life in a thick-monster-king’s love cave.

Abandoned by his clan, Crug forms an instant bond with the strange surface creature who falls through his roof. But as much as he adores her, and as good as she makes him feel, he knows cannot keep her. Before long, Crug will have to choose between his home and clan, and the love of his life.


No Getting Ogre You is a short, steamy romance between a human woman and a male monster with a Happily Ever After and lots of happy endings. Content guidance for blood, bones, a spider, the dark, explicit monster love and swearing.

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Into the Depths
Author: Sierra Cassidy
Release Date: 10/1/21

Finley has always had a lifelong love of the sea and the legends that came from it. When an impromptu rescue mission lands her in the good graces of a creature straight out of the stories, Finley isn’t sure what to do with herself. Or her desire.

One legend leads to the awakening of another, and Finley gets offered the experience of a lifetime.

Danger and desire fight a valiant battle. Would Finley be more the fool to accept or reject the offer? And will she follow the merrow into the depths?

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My Weekend With Death: A Grotesque Halloween Romance Novella
Author: Angelique Migliore
Release Date: 10/1/21

Is love strong enough to conquer even death? What about a heart of stone?

When the Angel of Death needs a weekend off, she rips Errat off the side of a building in downtown Chicago, infuses him with heavenly ichor, and makes him a substitute for forty-eight hours—in name only. Ecstatic to be free, he promises to do exactly as the Angel of Death asks in hopes of remaining alive after the weekend. Under no circumstances will he reap any souls and yield the Kiss of Death on anyone. His only desire is to spend time with the beautiful punk-rock woman who visits him often.

She hasn’t shared her plan for peace with anyone—not even her grotesque friend with whom she talks so much. For twenty years, these voices inside of her head have kept her from focusing on anything, and she is designing an app which needs to be coded. Halloween is this weekend—the night with the thinnest veil between this world and the next. She will implore all the forces of the universe to take these voices away from her.

But is her stone friend coming to life a sign for the better or worse?
Will this chilly Halloween romance set her free, or will it be the end of both their lives?

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The Devil’s Bargain
Author: Rian Fox
Release Date: 10/4/21

The last thing Silas Cromwell expected was for a book to change his life. When a rare first edition book from a famous 19th-century Occultist ends up in Silas’s lap at an auction, life as he knows it suddenly changes. Pressured into performing one of the rituals from the book by a friend, Silas gets a tease of regret. Now Silas can’t sleep, is having nightmares that end with him waking up terrified. Something obscene, dark and deadly wants Silas and he isn’t human. Bazaduil lusts for Silas and won’t take no for an answer, even if it means tricking and seducing him. In a life where being told ‘there are no monsters,’ it will be one lie Silas will have to face. Will Silas be able to ignore Bazaduil advances or will he submit to this demon’s twisted agenda?

An M/M Black Monster erotic short story that has dubious consent, a tad bit of bondage, informal dominant/submissive play, implied mpreg, breeding kink, tail kink, and monster sex. 

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Bound In Stone
Author: Stefanie Simpson
Release Date: 10/6/21

In 1995, Lucinda Harrington, after freeing herself of her money-grabbing and cruel husband, reclaims her ancestral home. The ancient abbey is surrounded by haunted fear and wild ghost stories, and as a historian, she wants to document its history and restore its grandeur.

But the strange statue that dominates the great hall is not in the catalogue, in fact, the beautiful and terrible thing is not recorded anywhere. Isolated and alone, she becomes drawn to it, almost obsessively so, until after finding a peculiar diary of an ancestor, it wakes…

With lust itself bound to the abbey and her, Lucinda must decide her fate, let it go or surrender to its power.

ADVISORY: This gothic romance novella contains mature and explicit material. Please use the ‘look inside’ feature for the content notes.

Given to the Ghoul
Author: Desirée M. Niccoli
Release Date: 10/8/21

They sent her into the desert to be sacrificed. To die upon the sweeping hot sands, torn limb from limb by ghoulish tooth and claw. Devoured. Appease the monsters, and they’ll leave the town alone. Isn’t that how it always went?

One had come to devour her. But not like they said in the stories. It wasn’t blood it spilt. That’s not what it wanted.

Oh, how the townspeople would clutch their pearls, if they knew the truth.

GIVEN TO THE GHOUL is a short monster romance written from a single POV with a modern setting in the Sonoran Desert. It features shapeshifting desert ghouls, mutual seduction, a monster lover that will “eat your enemies,” and a main character who wants the true monster face beneath the human mask. It has an explicit, high heat level and a HEA ending.

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The Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
Author: Rebecca F. Kennedy
Release Date: 10/15/21

Katrina Van Tassel.
Katrina the flirt, the coquette, the tease—so called by the Sleepy Hollow villagers because she hasn’t given her hand to one of her eager suitors. Everyone expects her to choose the muscled, handsome Brom over lean, studious Ichabod—but Katrina has objections to both of them.

One autumn night, a harvest party at the Van Tassel house ends in a violent confrontation, and Katrina comes face to face with the most horrifying myth ever to haunt Sleepy Hollow—the Headless Horseman himself.
Taken prisoner by the Horseman, Katrina is forced to confront her own prejudices and expectations as she discovers a deeper world of intrigue and magic.

This dark romantic novella is perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Thalassa, and Bec McMaster. (Medium heat, adult content.)

The book is inspired by and based upon Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” first published in 1820. However, the story has been entirely rebuilt and re-imagined. I have made an effort to be historically accurate wherever possible, but the storytelling and the romance take precedence over the accuracy of historical detail and dialogue. The book is also not intended to perfectly replicate the topography of the actual village of Sleepy Hollow in Mount Pleasant, New York.

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At The Crossing
Author: Suzanne Clay
Release Date: 10/15/21

After years of going unnoticed, the darkness has seen her…

Annabel has enough to worry about.

She’s escaped the suffocating clutches of an abusive religious group. She’s safe in a new home, with her supportive roommate, Kat, who makes her heart flutter. Every day is an opportunity to heal from her childhood trauma while she explores paganism and develops a relationship with a gentler deity.

She would rather not add another spinning plate to her recovery.

But when Kat begins a week-long magical ritual to heal her broken heart, she sprains her ankle on the first day and can’t continue the process. And though Annabel knows a romance with her straight roommate is unattainable, she can’t stop herself from offering to finish the ritual as a proxy.

Annabel’s role seems simple enough. She must go to the crossroads every night and deliver an offering to the unseen being who resides there. If she is polite and respectful, then by the end of the week, the creature should remove Kat’s heartbreak.

There is only one rule: she should not look over her shoulder at the crossing. Because if she locks eyes with the spirit, they could take it as an invitation to follow her home—or keep her.

At the Crossing is a 20,000-word monster romance novella. It features a F/NBi pairing involving a human woman and an agender demon.

This book is intended only for adult audiences. Content warnings may be found in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

Yuri & the Yeti
Author: Daphne Green
Release Date: 10/18/21

After years of waiting for his partner to commit to the marriage and family Yuri’s been dreaming of, he’s shocked to learn that his relationship is actually over – on a mountain, halfway around the world from home, in the dead of winter. Fleeing from the emotional fallout, Yuri injures himself and wakes up in the mountain home of…a yeti?

Muunokhoj has been interested in humans ever since he first ran across some mountaineers in his youth, but the human world and the yeti world must remain separate, and so he observes from a distance. When a distressed backpacker collapses in the gorge near his home, Muunokhoj cannot simply leave the human freeze to death.

When Muunokhoj finally admits that he can understand Yuri’s confessions, their growing affection for each other is tested by the inevitability of Yuri’s eventual return home. But where is home for Yuri now?

Carnal Cryptids: East Coast
Author: Vera Valentine
Release Date: 10/20/21

Desiderata needed a drink. After a long day of dodging darts and heckling tourists from her balloon game booth on the Wildwood boardwalk, she just wanted to forget her looming housing angst for an hour. When heavy flirtation and a cocktail from a suave substitute bartender shakes up her evening, things are looking up.

Until, of course, she catches him making out with a hot college guy not five minutes later.

In an attempt to forget the sinfully sexy stranger from the night before, Desi agrees to a dinner date with the eyeful of tall, dark and handsome that shows up at her job the next day. There’s just one little catch: he’s apparently already dating the two guys from the bar.

For JD, a shift behind a Jersey shore dive bar was always the same: predictable, boring, a little bit sticky. So what was it about this gorgeous brunette that instantly had him on the rocks? One look at her brought out the beast in him – and a desperate hope that she might be what he and Penn need to save Will for good. After over a century of struggle, they were due for a win – and someone who really believed in them.

One night.

That’s all they’ll need to get Desi to agree to.

But it’s going to be one hell of a night.

Carnal Cryptids: East Coast is a paranormal RH monster romance, which means that the female main character is attracted to more than one male love interest, and doesn’t need to (or want to!) choose. The monstrous men that love our heroine – and each other, quite frequently – all bring elements of horror, fear, interesting anatomy, and urban legend / cryptid goodness to the mix.

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Love, Laugh, Lich
Author: Kate Prior
Release Date: 10/22/21

Some people have monsters for a boss, but not everyone has an undead Necromancer Lord at the office.

Lily has been the Lich’s secretary ever since his evilness took over the company. She loves her job, but she’s got some questions about her boss. Like what’s under that cloak of ever-billowing.

Her wondering intensifies when one day the Lich needs something from her that isn’t just scheduling appointments– but a shiver. He needs it for a spell, but it feels like it crosses a line from their usual workplace banter.

After her contributions to his dark rituals become more than OSHA compliant, sex-magic-and-triple-cocks-oh-my, she starts to contemplate whether the Lich Lord returns her feelings, or still only sees her as his secretary. Lily may have given him her body, but he never asked for her heart.

Love, Laugh, Lich is a M/F office monster romance with light comedic elements, roughly 17k words. Content notes will be on the author’s website.

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A Selkie’s Secret
Author: Lauren Connelly
Release Date: 10/26/21

Isla Brown saw the will of the Gods when they revealed her fated partner at the age of sixteen. But who needs to rush into a mating that young? Older now, Isla has returned to her childhood home on Lake Galen and is ready to build a life with her selkie mate. But she’s having trouble concentrating on that goal with a certain human constantly staring at her. And making her laugh. And tempting her to stray from her fated path.

The night he almost killed her, he discovered her secret.

Finn Hammond knows Isla is a selkie. He also knows that he doesn’t deserve her. Not after an almost fatal mistake he made years ago. But when they both find themselves at a lake side party, Finn can’t help mooning over her the way he has since they were in highschool together. And when she offers him the opportunity to dive deep into a single night of passion, he can’t find the will to walk away.

But a new day brings honesty, and when secrets are revealed, both Isla and Finn must choose a different future.

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Monsters Coming Soon!

Bees and Honey
Author: Victoria Weyland
Release Date: 10/29/21

He’s got the smile of a gator and just might eat her up.

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, with a romance novel in one hand and a cold beer in the other, there are three things that Heather loves most: her fabulously redneck gay neighbors, her beehives, and the solitude of Honey Island. When a ruthless property developer threatens to force her off her land, what’s a pansexual beekeeper to do? Sick her bees on him? Yes… well, that and get help from the Honey Island Swamp Monster, who turns out to be more than just a tall tale. Much more.

With the odds stacked against them, Heather and the deliciously sexy swamp monster team up to save their beloved home. That is if she can keep her hands to herself.

Author’s Note: For content warnings, please check the author’s website.

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Sing Me to Sleep: A Series of Sacrilegious Events Novel
Author: R.M. Virtues
Release Date: 10/31/21

Penelope has lost so much in six months.

Her father, her sense of security, her ability — and willingness— to sleep. Her family is most concerned about the latter at the moment, and when her sister Jenna leaves her alone in their shared home for the first time since The Incident, Penelope finally accepts some help. The only problem? There are side effects. Well, one: sleep paralysis.

And the demon who came for her fear.

Fear is the only thing that matters to the demons of the Somni Dae, and as long as they deliver it back to Hell, they are free to do as they please. Except enter the waking world of course, but Acheron never minded that. He has everything he needs right here, and in thousands of years, he has never wanted for anything. Until he stumbles across Penelope’s dreamscape.

Now is not the time to grow attached to a wandering soul, not with Heaven and Hell preparing to wage war. Nor is it the time to grow attached to your sleep paralysis demon, not when getting out of bed is already so hard. But Penelope is finally sleeping, and after Acheron wipes out the last of her fear, they both realize they’re stronger together. And they’re going to need all the strength they can get.

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Her Soul for Revenge
Author: Harley Laroux
Release Date: 10/30/21

After a cult tried to sacrifice me to their wicked God, I went on the run, doing whatever was necessary to survive. Until a demon offered me a deal: give him my soul and he’ll help me claim the vengeance I seek. Blood will be spilled, and the monsters I once ran from will soon be running from me. But damning my soul was just the beginning – it’s my heart the demon wants next.

I’ve been hunting souls for centuries, but she’s the ultimate prize – vicious and feral, with a broken soul as dark as my own. I thought claiming her would be a simple game, but Juniper is far from simple. I chose to follow her on a path drenched with the blood of her enemies, but it’s our blood that may be spilled next. As an ancient God wakes from Its slumber, neither of us may survive.

Her Soul for Revenge is book 2 in the Souls Trilogy. Although all the books are interconnected, they are stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Content Note
This book contains sexual scenes, kink/fetish content, horror elements, drug use, scenes of trauma, anxiety, and PTSD, and depictions of “hard” kink/edgeplay. A complete CW can be found in the frontmatter of the book.

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Check out Book 1 in Harley Laroux’s Souls Trilogy, Her Soul to Take.

Whispers in the Woods: A shifter romance novella
Author: K.C. Carmine
Release Date: 11/6/21

When a gigantic forest creature saves Tomek from a falling tree, he feels the intense desire to know more about the young man the creature turned into. As Tomek’s and Robert’s friendship blooms, the bigotry permeating the society they live in, puts their relationship to question as Tomek’s heart fills with doubt and his head with denial about his sexuality. Would he be able to face his friend and admit his feelings? A new adult, queer tale of love in extraordinary times — the novella will take you to a modern world where beings of preternatural origin live amongst humans.

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On the Water: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance
Author: Jerica Taylor
Release Date: 11/19/21

Del needs all the cash she can get, so when someone who claims to be from someplace called The Uncanny Society hires her to look into local disappearances, she takes the job. It brings her to On the Water, a club by the river, where she notices a beautiful woman trying too hard to be overlooked, and who goes out of her way to keep Del from the riverbank.

Saira entered the human world to retrieve the missing Guard of the Northern Gate at the behest of her Eminence, and return to her underwater home as quickly as possible. But there’s a human poking around the river, too intriguing and too stubborn for their own good, and if Saira isn’t careful, she won’t be the only monster who takes notice of her.

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Into the Horizon: A Historical Monster Romance
Author: Noel Stevens
Release Date: 11/24/21

Captain Anne was the most feared female pirate in the Caribbean – until she disappeared from her Port Royal jail cell in the spring of 1721, never to be seen on land again.

Her whereabouts have been unknown ever since – until now.

Having escaped the hangman’s noose only to find herself a captive aboard a merchant ship, Anne is rescued by none other than the fabled Captain Davy Jones. Though Jones is as monstrous as the legends foretold, Anne soon learns that the legends have omitted a key detail – Davy Jones is a woman. Together, these two female captains join forces to seek revenge on those who have wronged them. Along their journey, they discover they are bound by something even more powerful than revenge.

This 17,000 word historical, paranormal sapphic romance novelette explores a centuries-old mystery within a swashbuckling tale with a guaranteed HEA.

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Yours, Insatiably
Author: Aveda Vice
Release Date: 12/4/21

Avirin understands hunger.

With her ravenous desire to succeed, it’s no surprise she hides her monstrosity from the world. Easier said than done once she sleeps with her infuriating coworker and lets her succubus secret slip. But it’s a one-time thing; she’s not jeopardizing her career over a night with Pye…

No matter how much she can’t stop thinking about it.

Pye understands hunger, too.

Being famished for something they can’t have, mouth watering at the sight of her…but Pye and Avirin agreed to be friends, and since faeries can’t lie, he’ll keep his late-night thoughts to himself. But when Pye introduces Avirin to the world of monsters she’s long avoided, they both have a hard time forgetting what they did together…

And a harder time remembering why they can’t cross that line again.

Note: Pye uses “he” and “they” pronouns interchangeably throughout this book.

Warning: This 51k novel is a F/Nbi romance between a succubus and a death’s-head hawkmoth fae. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content warnings are listed in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

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All Yours
Author: Vicky Walklate
Release Date: 12/28/21

She should be horrified. Terrified. Fleeing, pleading for her life. Yet here she was, swaying into the monstrous creature before her, her body on fire, desperate for his touch.


After the death of her mentor, wildlife park manager Cleo struggles to cope with her grief and loneliness. When her creepy new boss reveals his prized possession: a bizarre, crocodile-shaped statue, she doesn’t think much of it. But as it turns out, there’s much more to this statue than meets the eye.

As Cleo agonises over the park’s shaky future, a freak accident causes a mysterious monster to come to her aid. Raukra bears a striking resemblance to the statue and is as fascinated by Cleo as she is by him. His teeth, claws, and overwhelming dominance send her wild with desire as he takes her for his own. As their bond deepens, a shocking truth about Raukra is revealed. In mortal danger, her courage is put to the ultimate test. She must decide who to trust in order to save the park – and herself.


ADVISORY: This ~18.5k word monster romance novelette features high heat scenes between a human and a monster, both of whom are over the age of consent. Please use the ‘look inside’ feature for content notes/warnings or check the book’s page on Goodreads. Further details can also be found on the author’s website.

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You can also check out Vicky Walklate’s Dragon God book, Sacrifice.

Scales like Stars
Author: D.J. Russo
Release Date: 12/15/21

“Sometimes, running away IS the answer.”

You know what they say about hitting rock bottom. There’s nowhere to go but up! But for Liam, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After a long period of dealing with grief and unfortunate circumstances, Liam finds himself in the middle of the ocean. As a merman. And who is waiting for him beneath the waves? His former high-school crush, Kade.

Kade has problems of his own, but he’s eager to teach Liam everything he knows about being a creature of the sea. If only his nemesis would leave them alone.

Content warnings
Scales Like Stars is a short and sweet M/M romance. While this novella guarantees a HEA, the story does deal with circumstances related to depression, grief, loss, and anxiety. Please read with care.

Author: Elle Porter
Release Date: 12/31/21

A solitary lighthouse keeper begins having unsettling dreams when a mysterious man takes over the general store of a secluded coastal village.

Hyacinth is a loose reimaging of Hyacinthus and Apollo, featuring ancient rituals, reincarnation, and a trans death deity.

Full content warnings are available in the front matter.

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Monsters Coming Atcha in 2022

Author: Freydís Moon
Release Date: Winter/January 2022

When Diego López is guilted by his mother into taking a low-key construction job in New Mexico, he doesn’t expect to be the only helping hand at Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. But the church is abandoned, decrepit, and off the beaten path, and the only other person for miles is its handsome caretaker, Ariel Azevedo.

Together, Diego and Ariel refurbish the old church, sharing stories of their heritage, experiences, and desires. But as the long days turn into longer nights, Diego begins to see past Ariel’s human mirage and finds himself falling into lust—and maybe something else—with one of God’s first creations.

Swearing at a Sea Monster
Author: Lauren Connelly
Release Date: 1/5/22

Book 3 in Lauren Connelly’s up coming Folk Haven series.

“Welcome to Folk Haven, a small town full of mythical creatures and fated mates!”

Bound: An Alien Romance Trilogy (The Spider’s Mate Book 3)
Author: Tiffany Roberts
Release Date: 1/31/22

Ketahn will protect his mate at any cost.

Queen Zurvashi will not rest until everything Ketahn cares about is gone and he belongs to her.

His sweet, compassionate Ivy, his sister, his friends, his new tribe of humans—all are in danger. He fears nowhere is far enough away to escape the queen’s wrath.

But Ketahn will see the whole jungle burn before he lets any harm befall his mate. Even if he must stand against Zurvashi and her army, even if he must face every beast in the Tangle, even if he must defy the gods themselves, he will not surrender his female.

Ketahn and Ivy are bound, and no force in the universe will sever the threads that connect them.
Book 3 of 3 in The Spider’s Mate Trilogy.

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The Wolfden (Dead Rockstar Book 2)
Author: Lillah Lawson
Release Date: 2/22/22

If Stormy Spooner thought she’d hit rock bottom before, she was wrong.

Before she had fully healed from her bitter divorce, a chaotic turn of events left several people dead. Now, her reanimated boyfriend Phillip refuses to take her calls. Heartbroken and confused by her newfound powers, Stormy returns to work in an attempt to find her new normal.

When Roberta—the woman who broke up Stormy’s marriage—turns up at her job, Stormy wants nothing more than to make her disappear. But Roberta comes seeking help that only Stormy can provide: people are going missing, and Stormy’s unique abilities mean she’s the only one who might be able to bring them home.

Following a trail of mystery and danger, Stormy lands among a motley crew of rough-housers. Will they help her solve the mystery of the missing people? Will Stormy realize her true power or succumb to her fractured heart? As if that weren’t enough, she must also dig up painful, buried memories. But the more she remembers, the stronger a new villain’s power grows.

To defeat him, a price must be paid…one that may cost Stormy everything.

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This is Book 2 in the Dead Rockstar series. It is not a standalone. Read Dead Rockstar, Book 1 to discover how it all begins.

The Dragon’s Bride (A Deal With A Demon Book 1)
Author: Katee Robert
Release Date: 3/29/21

Briar Rose might have a name out of a storybook, but she learned at a very young age that no prince was coming to save her. She’ll have to save herself. Unfortunately, even that is an impossible task in her current situation—trapped in a terrifying marriage to a dangerous man.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is how she finds herself making a deal with a demon. Freedom from her husband…in return for seven years of service.

She expects the service to be backbreaking and harsh. She doesn’t expect to be put on an auction block in a room full of literal monsters and sold to the highest bidder.

To Sol.

A dragon.

He might seem kinder than his fearsome looks imply, but she knows better than to trust the way he wants to take care of her, or how invested he is in her pleasure. In her experience, if something seems too good to be true, it certainly is.

Falling for Sol is out of the question. She’s suffered enough, and she has no intention of staying in this realm…even if she leaves her heart behind when she returns to her normal life.

Author’s Note: Please check the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.

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Keep an Eye (or Eight) Out for More Details on these Upcoming Monster Romances

Author: Kathleen Bednar
Release Date: Coming Soon

Not all blood feuds run red…

That’s all folks! I hope you were able to find some fang-tastic monster lovin’ reads from this list. I do want to let you know that I have NOT read all the books on this list, so please be cautious and read all CWs before diving in. And finally, this list had a lot of moving pieces so if you find any errors or incorrect links, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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