The Devil of Downtown

I don't even know where to begin, except to say that I loved The Devil of Downtown with every inch of my heart. The Rogue of Fifth Avenue was good; The Prince of Broadway was even better. But The Devil of Downtown worked it's way into my heart with every adorable, steamy, heartbreaking, and love affirming moment between Jack and Justine - and it has taken it's place as one of my favorite romances of all time.

An Heiress to Remember

Big. Boss Lady. Energy. Sixteen years ago Beatrice Goodwin made the decision to follow her family and society's expectations and marry a Duke instead of following her heart and running away with Wes Dalton. Now divorced, Beatrice is back in New York with the family and business she loves - Goodwin's Department Store. But Goodwin's isn't the booming business it once was and her brother's decided to sell. And the man who's going to buy is none other than Wes Dalton himself. Beatrice isn't going to let go of Goodwin's without a fight, and soon Dalton realizes that the only thing he wants to win is her heart.

A Daring Arrangement: The Four Hundred Series

I absolutely adore a fake-engagement/relationship-turned-real-thing romance! And Julius and Nora's does not disappoint. Julius has the reputation of hedonist, but is actually extremely hard-working and responsible (without being overly ruthless) while Nora is adventurous, smart and a bit impulsive. The secondary characters were wonderful as well! I loved Frank Tripp (and was SO excited to …

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