How the Lady Was Won

How the Lady Was Won

How the Lady Was Won by Shana Galen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dear old Colin Can’t-Even-Say-Love FitzRoy. You knew when he fell he was going to fall hard, and that it would be absolutely delicious. (It is.) How convenient that the woman he falls in love with is already his wife!

This second chance romance had all the heat, spunk and love I’ve come to expect from Shana Galen. Galen writes fantastic heroines, and Daphne was definitely that. In a world that still equates pink with femininity and delicacy, having a heroine who always wears pink frilly dresses but who can totally hold her own and be her own hero was definitely satisfying.

Colin is closed up so tight he can’t even identify the emotions he’s feeling, but Daphne won’t accept anything less than all of him. Watching him just fall completely head over heels in love with her (and realize that talking about his feelings would not cause him to be struck down on the spot) was an absolute joy!

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