The Virgin and the Rogue

The Virgin and the Rogue

The Virgin and the Rogue
By Sophie Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s magnificent. It’s bananas. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a romance. Sophie Jordan isn’t afraid to do things in her writing that others just aren’t doing and the end result is fantastic. With the Virgin and the Rogue you get:

💜 Amazing Chemistry (With only a little help at first!)
💜 Meddling Siblings (Well, one.)
💜 A Heroine Coming Into Her Own
💜 A Hero Who Falls So Fast (Not that he’d admit it.)
💜 And a whooooole lotta denial!

I loved every moment of The Virgin and the Rogue, from the outrageous sexy times to tender moments of understanding to the raw confrontation of feelings Charlotte and Kingston would rather ignore. It’s an aphrodisiac trope that manages to remain unproblematic and starts Charlotte on a fabulous emotional (and sensual) adventure. Kingston is an innocent bystander in the beginning of all this, (no, really – he’s a very good boy) but once he gets a taste of Charlotte, he knows that once won’t be enough and he’s determined to prove that there’s more to their chemistry than, well, chemistry.

And then there’s the matter of Charlotte’s upcoming marriage to her current fiance, his terrible mother, a visit from Kingston and Nate’s awful parents, and a stubborn cow named Buttercup.


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