The Boyfriend Project

The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book. I loved it so, so much.

After discovering, very publicly, that her boyfriend had been three-timing her, Samiah Brooks – along with her two new also-were-cheated-on-by-Craig friends – has sworn off men to focus on herself and her career. Of course it’s then that she meets the gorgeous new guy at her office, Daniel Collins. No matter how hot the sparks are that fly between them every morning at the coffee station, Daniel has a mission that canNOT include an office romance and Samiah just swore off dating. Then they’re put on the same project team, and the more time they spend together the less they can resist the attraction between them. But when Daniel’s secrets come to light, will there be any way for them to have an HEA? (Spoiler alert: Yes, yes there is.)

The Boyfriend Project was such a delight to read, from Samiah’s new friendship with her co-catfishees to her and David’s incendiary attraction and (SO) sweet moments as they make their way to Lovetown. You find out pretty quickly that Daniel is Up To Something and can feel the tension in him as he struggles with focusing on his mission (second spoiler alert: he’s a federal agent investigating a money laundering scheme at the tech company Samiah works at) and his intense attraction to Samiah.

The star of this book though is definitely Samiah. She kicks ass at her job (some serious competence porn going on here) and is 100% not here for anyone’s bullshit. Samiah is still reeling from Craig’s betrayal and has to learn to trust again with Daniel. Then, when Daniel destroys that trust, she listens to him then politely asks him leave and shuts the door in his face because she’s a stone cold killer. So much of Samiah’s drive comes from the need to be absolutely perfect. Because she’s a Black woman in the tech industry and if her work isn’t perfect, it’s overlooked or deemed not worthy. She knows she has to kick ass and take names, because her success can mean the chance for another Black woman to make her place in the tech world. She has so much more than her own career and achievements riding on her shoulders, which is an extremely heavy burden to carry but is unfortunately the reality of many women of color, and especially Black women, in white dominated fields (which is most of them?).

I think Farrah Rochon did an absolutely marvelous job with The Boyfriend Project, and I can’t wait for the rest of Samiah’s used-to-date-Craig crew, Taylor and London, to get their HEA’s!

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