A Good Man

A Good Man by Rosanna Leo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fun sexy read! A Good Man is the first in a series about three brothers and their home renovation show set in Toronto. This first book focuses on Michael, the oldest of the three Zorn brothers, and Emily “Em” Daniels who, along with her terrible fiance, is their latest participant on the show. Neither Em or Michael are in any kind of position to act on their initial attraction and they certainly weren’t looking for each other, but find each other they did. All bets are off when Em finally dumps the chump, but can Michael open up enough to let Em all the way in? (PSA: There is NO cheating on the MC’s parts. Pining and want though? Heck yes.)

Let’s start with Em. She’s so sweet and funny while her fiance Trent is the WORST. He’s constantly taking her for granted, belittling, and gaslighting her. (Cue the Dixie Chicks.) You can really tell at the very beginning of the book that Em has fallen out of love with him, but isn’t ready to let him and her plans for their future go. But, I mean, Michael is also right there. There’s really no comparison. Plus he makes her laugh and gives her all sorts of lovely orgasms. Literally. No. Comparison.

Now Michael. (Content warning: Non-military PTSD.) Michael suffers from untreated PTSD after being involved in a shooting at a daycare where he was able to save the children but not the woman whose husband came that day with a gun. He’s labeled a hero, but he knows he’s anything but. If he’d been a hero he would have been able to save everyone that day. He tried therapy once and, like many people, decided it wasn’t for him. Because of this, he’s emotionally closed off and can’t see a way through to letting Em into his life and into his heart. But he wants her too much to stop seeing her, and touching her, and taking care of her. (You get my drift, right?)

I was very glad to see this wasn’t a “your love healed me” kind of story, because that’s just not reality. And while fantasy can be a powerful tool, when it comes to mental illness, ignoring the importance of professional help and healing can be dangerous. Michael and Em work together to get him started on the road to recovery, which I loved to see.

Lastly, I wanna talk about the sex because daaaaaaamn. It hit me in the face with it’s sexiness. I wouldn’t necessarily say that outside the bedroom Michael is the usual Romance Alpha, but he definitely takes charge and gives Em everything she needs. And when I say Michael takes charge, I mean Michael TAKES CHARGE, ya feel?

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