Chasing Cassandra

Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First things first, I would die for Tom Severin. Based on his appearances in previous books in the series, you think he’s going to be cold and calculating, but from the minute he sets eyes on Cassandra he completely melts. Of course, if you asked him, he would 100% deny that or any feelings of affection toward anyone. He’s a genius engineer and business man, but when it comes to identifying his feelings he’s totally lost. Nevertheless, he is considerate and playful (!) and truly cares about Cassandra’s wants and needs. (There’s a marriage contract. It is AMAZING.)

I’ve been excited to learn more about Cassandra since Cold Hearted Rake. It always seemed like she was kind of in the background, and it was wonderful to see her kind, mischievous, loving spirit shine through. I also loved the few times she DID get mad or upset because it made her so real and showed that, though she loved Tom, she would always hold him to the highest standards. She was also amazingly patient with Tom, understanding him on a level no one else could.

This story was surprisingly low-angst. Knowing what Lisa Kleypas can do with a man who supposedly doesn’t have a heart – Hello Derek Craven. Hello Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. – I was definitely expecting something similar. But that is not what this story is. At. All. And I wasn’t mad about it! This is Tom and Cassandra’s story alone, and I think that’s what I loved so much about it.

Sexual Assault

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