Twice Shy

Cover art for Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you do when you when you inherit a stately manor from your great-aunt only to discover once you arrive that: 1) It’s in desperate need of repair and there are literal hoards of stuff from floor to ceiling and 2) You have to share it with your great-aunt’s grumpy groundskeeper who has completely different plans than you, doesn’t appear to like you in the least, and whose face ALSO happens to be wayyy too familiar? (I’m not spoiling that last one.) Not fall in love with him, that’s for sure… 👀

Oh my gosh this book. How do I even begin to articulate how much I ADORED it when my reactions were essentially just:

“Wesley… 😑”
“Wesley 😍”
“Wesley… 🥺”
“Stop it, my heart”
“Wesleeeyyyy 🥺🥺”
“Wesley 🥰”
“Oh. My. God. 😭”
“OH. MY. GOD. 😭😭”
“WESLEY 😩😭😍”

I Just Really Really Love Wesley Koehler, Okay? He’s grumpy but not, sexy but oh so shy, an anxious little bb who I just wanted to pick up and hug and tell that he’s more than enough.

But listen, it’s not all about Wesley (despite my decidedly one-sided reaction notes). The journey Maybell goes on is truly fantastic too: from discovering her voice and reconnecting with her past to making the future for herself that she wants and, of course, finding the most amazing love along the way.

This book was so soft and gooey and dreamy and all the feel-good adjectives. I want to read 100 more like it…or possibly read it 100 times over again. Maybe both.

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