The Heiress Gets a Duke

Cover art for The Heiress Gets a Duke

The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m such a sucker for confident business women – determined to do what they love despite all the odds – and insecure but hardworking lords who are all too aware of their responsibilities. And that’s what you get with the Heiress Gets a Duke!

August Crenshaw has no doubt she’ll marry…eventually. For now she is perfectly happy to continue her work with her father and brother at Crenshaw Iron Works. She certainly has no plans to marry an English lord, and a fortune hunting Duke at that. No matter than her parents have made it clear she has no choice and she can’t seem to get the Duke of Rothschild, or his kisses, out of his head.

Evan Sterling, the reluctant Duke of Rothschild, has tried everything to try to save the dukedom from the hole his late father dug them into. Everything, that is, except marry an heiress. Having to rely on an heiress to save the dukedom was his last resort, but suddenly marrying August, and only August, is his number one priority.

I loved August and Evan! August is smart, loyal, and unwilling to compromise when it comes to her own happiness, even in the face of a terrible betrayal from her father. (Her parents are kind of the worse tbh 🙃)

Evan hates what he’s doing to August but knows that hundreds of families, including his own, rely on him to provide for them and this is the only way. However, that doesn’t stop him from looking out for her best interests at every turn, even when her family won’t. Evan wants August for her body and mind and craves her respect.

Meanwhile, the more time August spends with Evan the more she realizes that perhaps there’s more to Rothschild than the dissolute lord she assumed him to be and that maybe, just maybe, he could be everything she wants.

While I couldn’t stand August’s parents, her sister Violet and brother Max were great (especially Violet, who shows she’s not just the obedient, well-mannered debutante everyone presumes her to be.) Also very excited for more of Evan’s friend the Earl of Leigh, in all his anti-hero glory.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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