Someday My Duke Will Come

The cover of Someday My Duke Will Come by Christina Britton

Someday My Duke Will Come by Christina Britton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I dove straight into Someday My Duke Will Come right after finishing the first book in the series, A Good Duke is Hard to Find. I loved Quincy Nesbitt as soon as he was introduced in A Good Duke and was excited for his pairing with Lady Clara Ashford – his best friend’s cousin. And once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down.

Quincy Nesbitt has dreams to see the world and now that he’s sold his remaining shares of his business in Boston, nothing can stop him. Nothing, that is, except a destitute dukedom and a conniving dowager duchess. When his mother tries to foist the fiancé of the late duke (his brother) on him, the last thing he expects is for Lady Clara Ashford to step in and announce that they are already engaged. And the last thing she expects is for him to go along with it.

Except…the ploy makes sense. After all, he needs to keep his mother off his back until he can find an alternative solution to saving the dukedom and Clara can avoid her Aunt’s terrible matchmaking skills at least until her sister Phoebe is married at the end of the month and then settle into her spinsterhood in peace. Sure, each harbors a secret attraction and affinity for the other, but Clara has vowed to never marry and Quincy is nowhere near ready to fall in love and settle down. Nothing can possibly go wrong…right?

I love a good fake relationship romance and Quincy and Clara’s is no exception. The pining! The denial! The “oh you two are so in love” – but it isn’t real, they think – but it is!

Clara and Quincy truly enjoy each other’s company and they have fun together, however it is important to note that both are dealing with a great deal of grief and trauma throughout the book. (Content warning from the author:….) I was so happy when they finally realized they could lean on each other rather than hide their true feelings. The whole time I was just like, “my babies deserve all the love and support!” and they get it, quite satisfactorily.

I loved reading Quincy and Clara’s story and can’t wait for the next installment in the Isle of Synne series!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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