An Irresistible Force

An Irresistible Force

An Irresistible Force by Rosanna Leo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I. LOVED. This. Book.

The snark. The tension. The laughter. The steamy sex. The healing. Ugh, my heart.

Bernie Nolan is taking back her life. The first step? Stopping at nothing to prevent her uncle and The Handymen crew from demolishing her family’s summer home. Including, but not limited to, handcuffing herself to the house and resisting the very sexy middle Zorn brother as he tries his best to convince her to leave.

Eli just wants to build his garden. He wasn’t looking to get stuck in the middle of his old mentor’s family drama. He definitely wasn’t looking to feel a pull towards the woman in ponytails and handcuffs in the middle of the floor he’s supposed to be demolishing. But the more time Eli and Bernie spend together, the harder it is to resist the attraction between them. Soon Eli has to decide whose side he’s on and what – or who – really matters most.

Bernie is the epitome of the prickly heroine. After years of being bullied by her cousin and his friends, Bernie learned to fight at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. She isn’t about to trust Eli Zorn just because he’s always been her favorite Zorn brother and her nickname for him is Panty Melter…or that he’s even sexier in person. Bernie fights Eli at every turn, until suddenly she doesn’t have to. As Bernie slowly lets Eli in, she’ll have to fight against her own fears if she wants to keep him.

Eli is supposed to be the even-tempered Zorn. The negotiator. So why does Bernie push every single one of his buttons – the good and the bad? There’s just something about Bernie that he can’t stay away from. And when Eli learns Bernie’s history, he can’t simply push it aside; he knows firsthand the impact bullying can have on your life. Throughout the book, Eli is also forced to confront how his own perceptions of people differ from the experiences of others and reconcile what those differences mean for him and those around him.

Though Rosanna Leo doesn’t shy away from heavy topics in An Irresistible Force, she also brings what I’ve come to recognize as her trademark sense of humor to Eli and Bernie’s relationship. They get goofy and laugh and have fun together. Plus I love the playful family dynamic between the Zorn brothers that started in A Good Man and continues into An Irresistible Force!

I could go on, but honestly I’m surprised you’re still with me. Especially since you should be off reading this book! Because it’s worth it. And there’s wall sex. With work boots on…only work boots.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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One thought on “An Irresistible Force

  1. Rosanna Leo

    Ally, thank you very much for reading, and for sharing your wonderful review! It’s so thoughtful and I appreciate it. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book!


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