A Daring Arrangement: The Four Hundred Series

a-daring-arrangement-cover I absolutely adore a fake-engagement/relationship-turned-real-thing romance! And Julius and Nora’s does not disappoint. Julius has the reputation of hedonist, but is actually extremely hard-working and responsible (without being overly ruthless) while Nora is adventurous, smart and a bit impulsive. The secondary characters were wonderful as well! I loved Frank Tripp (and was SO excited to see that he gets his Happy Ever After in Shupe’s newest release “The Rogue of Fifth Ave”) and Aunt Bea’s understanding and loving deviousness. 

Julius’s desire for revenge against the men he holds responsible for his father’s death is quickly overshadowed by his concern and affection for Nora, though he has sworn to never marry. Nora is eager to get back to England to the man she believes she loves, a poor artist named Edward whom her father has deemed a fortune hunter and unworthy. Nora has to come to terms with her feelings for Edward vs what she feels for Julius and struggles to accept what she thought was love before was, in fact, not. 

I love that Nora stands up for herself and her feelings in the end, not accepting anything less than love from Julius and ending their fake engagement early. (Her growth in the story is amazing.) I love that Julius grounds Nora without controlling her. And I love that Edward WASN’T a fortune-hunter in the end…but you’ll have to read it to learn more. 🤐

A Daring Engagement made me laugh (drunkenly falling off a horse, anyone?), cry, and fall in love!

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