Parker: a Wolffe Pack Novel

Cover art for Parker by Jack Harbon

Parker by Jack Harbon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh wow my heart. 🥺 I somehow managed not to cry while reading this in public, but it was a close thing. These two. 🥺❤️😳🥺

Trey didn’t know what would happen when he finally left his ex Kyle – he just knew that wherever he ended up would be safer than where he’d been. He didn’t count on being taken in by a white-haired, take-no-prisoners sexagenarian named Whitney Wolffe. He certainly could have never predicted her son, Parker. Parker, the oldest Wolffe brother. The fixer. The tough looking ex-con who’s covered in tattoos his mom did. The one who looks at Trey and doesn’t see something broken and useless, but something to be cherished and loved.

If Trey couldn’t predict Parker, there was no way in hell Parker could have seen Trey coming. For starters, he came downstairs and saw some strange kid holding Mama’s purse–what was he supposed to do? Roll out the red carpet? (Apparently, NOT grab him by the throat and threaten him with a knife.) Parker is used to Mama bringing home lost souls (how do you think he got there?), but there’s something about Trey he can’t shake. His thoughts are full of the kid as an attraction he’s never felt before–and didn’t ask for–grows. Soon Parker realizes he wants to keep Trey. But there are demons, both past and present, they’ll have to overcome first.

The way this book made me feel every single emotion, I mean my god. Both Trey and Parker just have so much love and goodness in them and they are just PERFECT for each other. I loved watching Trey blossom and grow under the care of Parker (and Whitney who is the GREATEST) as well as getting to experience Parker’s journey discovering a side to his sexuality he didn’t know existed and learning how to live for himself and not just as a fixer for everyone else.

Then there’s the rest of the Wolffe pack–Parker’s brothers, London, Dariel, and Maksim. Each has their own story of how they became a Wolffe, but they’re brothers through and through. I love this whole damn family. 🥺 I also heard there’s been a teaser for Maksim’s book already and now am very much like 👀👀👀

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go buy up every book of Jack Harbon’s that I can and wait (im)patiently for more!

Jack has provided content warnings at the beginning of the book, which I recommend reading before beginning. Also, ACAB.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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