The Legal Affair

The Legal Affair by Nisha Sharma

The Legal Affair by Nisha Sharma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my. What a ride. Those Singh brothers are something else!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Legal Affair, devouring it and The Takeover Effect (Singh Family #1) as fast as I could! I definitely do recommend reading (or re-reading) The Takeover Effect before starting The Legal Affair because there are quite a few moving pieces and it picks up exactly where Takeover Effect ends and runs with it. Plus, it really gets you hyped up for Ajay and Raj’s story! (Not that Hem and Mina aren’t absolutely swoonworthy on their own.)

Ajay complicated mix of confidence and insecurity immediately drew me to him. The second Singh brother knows he is meant to take over as CEO of his family’s company, Bharat, Inc., but that doesn’t mean he isn’t terrified that he’s not good enough. After all, his father built the company up from nothing and it was his older brother who supposed to fill the position – before leaving the company to start his own – and has the respect to prove it. Now he has a security breach and bleeding profits to show for his time as COO and an extremely untimely attraction to a woman who has the potential to lead to his downfall.

Raj is ready to start over. She’s finally filed for divorce and made good on her ex-husband’s betrayal. All that’s left is to sell her business and she’ll be free to do as she pleases. Who better to sell to than the very business her ex-husband’s new company is currently trying to take over? When Raj storms into Ajay’s office to offer her company for purchase she had no idea she’d find much much more than a potential buyer. Ajay can offer her forever if she can learn to trust in him – and them – enough to take it.

Raj and Ajay are…oof! So hot. But also so sweet together. They have to work hard to overcome both external and internal conflicts to get to their happily ever after, but it is so worth it! I also loved the Punjabi representation and learning about both more traditional and nontraditional Punjabi/South Asian culture. I 100% recommend The Legal Affair and am keeping both eyes open for the final installment in the Singh Family Trilogy!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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