Would I Lie to the Duke

Would I Lie to the Duke by Eva Leigh My rating: 5 of 5 stars You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! (Like, literally, I cried. Real tears. Running down my face. And I don’t cry reading very often. Hit me right in the feels.) I absolutely adored Would I Lie to the Duke! (Even though it made …

Daring and the Duke

WOW. Wow, wow, wow. Have I mentioned WOW? I’m not going to lie, I had doubts about Ewan doing enough groveling to truly make this redemption arc work, but I NEVER SHOULD HAVE DOUBTED THE QUEEN. Sarah Maclean delivered the MOST satisfying grovel novel and childhood friends to enemies to lovers romance for Ewan and Grace.

Two Rogues Make a Right

These two idiots….you can’t not love them both. Martin is the grumpiest of the grumpy ones, Will is the gooiest of the cinnamon roll, and they’ve been soulmates – though never lovers – since they were young. They’re so cute together and the banter is top tier Cat Sebastian. Two Rogues Make a Right is truly the ultimate friends to lovers!

In Bed with the Earl

In Bed with the Earl features a bad-ass heroine who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants and a surly hero who’d rather brood and spend time in his sewers than face his past and “take his place” in society. They fight, they kiss, they fight some more…and then some more, and then they fall in love!